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Vraylar not helping


My son has been taking Vraylar for several weeks now. It’s not helping and this week he has been more agitated and has grabbed me while speaking in a threatening tone on a few occassions. This morning he shook me. This has occurred when he shows me his arm and asks if I can see the mark of the beast. I tell him no and he gets mad that I can’t see what he sees. He also likes to go to drive to help with anxiety of his symptoms and if I don’t this is also a trigger. He’ll say that I don’t understand and they are tormenting him. He is so very ill. All day he is engaged with his delusions. He asks bizarre spiritual questions all day, gets upset for what they are doing to him. Today he said they were flipping his brain over and he was afraid. He says he hears Satan clear as day and he said he wants to kill Dad and I. Alternatively he will also laugh and run. He is 100% med compliant managed by us. He has psych apptmt on Wed. Ive been in contact with his Dr through email. He is a great Dr and responds to my many emails so quickly. He says I can let him know how things are going on Tues. and if nothing has changed he will put an involuntary hold on him. His office is next door to the hosp. We have tried to get him to go on his own with no success. I’m not even sure what good will come out of him going to the hosp. He has tried so many meds with no success. One thing that we can hope for is that maybe the process for LPS can be started as this would be his first hospitalization as an adult and maybe we can move forward with ECT.


I am so sorry to hear that this latest medicine is not working. I truly hope a positive breakthrough happens soon.


If he’s saying that, you need to call the police immediately. Explain to them that he’s mentally ill and the symptoms he’s experiencing and what he said to you. He needs to be hospitalized because he’s currently a danger to you and your husband and possibly himself. Homicide threats are very serious and from a experience I can tell you that someone with schizophrenia will commit murder if they’re so intent and paranoid about something or hurt.


I hear you. He started sharing what he says Satan is saying to him. He says Satan said that. He doesn’t seem intent on hurting us or anyone else though that was alarming. In my experience with calling the police, they only take him if he’s actively trying to or has hurt someone. They would likely come and ask him all the questions, he will be calm yet delusional and then they leave. Been down that road many times.We have a much better chance of waiting until tomorrow and having the Dr. hold him. If I thought calling the police would result in him going to the hospital I would have definitely called. We have no weapons and he is not quick thinking or moving. He has no locks on his doors and doesn’t leave on his own.