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Detoxing with herbs

These Chinese medicine herbs are powerful and are pulling the antipsychotic medicine right out…
My partner is experiencing Re-emerging symptoms
Restless legs(akathasia) minor dystonia/slight confusion .
Just started the detox a couple days ago!
The doctor said this would happen when detoxing.

Why? Would you do this???

dystonic reactions can be permanent…

We quit antipsychotics

Why? Would you do this???

Because we don’t believe all schizophrenia diagnosis is permanent Like they tell you.
And if it is
My partner was just misdiagnosed
Pretty much as far as we got…
Not everybody wants to be on an antipsychotic for 12+years
And a dystonic reaction is from the antipsychotic withdrawals /side effects

We spent the last almost 3 years tapering down
We’ve been doing good during this process and perhaps a good candidate to get off the AP…

I understand this fully…

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Please keep as posted how your partner is doing , all the best …

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Will do
Right now
The current battle is emotional and physical sensitivity
Trying to build more resilience
Detoxing the liver should help us
That is what we are doing

Good luck , i really hope he/she gets better .