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Chinese medicine for healing

Been seeing a Chinese medicine doctor
He recommended a ketogenic diet
And obliterated all of the dystonia Akathisia and dyskinesia…
He prescribed a wind tea to take for a month
To detox the liver and everything inside
We are very happy right now in our journey
It’s incredibly healing
We were so hopeless with the extra pyramidal side effects
Should of gotten support a long time ago
These days are starting to look really hopeful! :slight_smile:we are also starting to see an Ayurvedic doctor and have been doing floating therapy …
We are going to start to see a psychotherapist pretty soon here
For those of you who don’t know
We’ve been on a 2-3year journey to get off an antipsychotic called invega sustenna
My partner has been on APs for about 13 years

She finally quit her shot about 4 months ago…
So we are really stoked about this window in our lives right now…

Thought I’d share this with all of you
Thank you


For anybody that wants to know
We’ve tried vegan diet
Raw vegan
And eating everything in a healthy matter
The ketogenic diet helped tremendously
We eliminated all the amino acids
And are just on good quality lions mane,shilajit,and an adaptogenic herb mixture
Occasionally we take an l trytophan for sleep

But we are also on the one herbal mixture for detox at the moment …
Anybody have any experiences on a ketogenic diet?

Fantastic. Look forward to hearing more.

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So glad to hear that things are going well for you and your girlfriend!

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Thank you !
We are glad also :slight_smile:

Will do!
You can look up my name whenever to see if I updated !
Im sure you can look back on our stories here and see our struggle throughout this process

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