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Hello everyone!got an update!(invega sustenna shot withdrawal process!)

So since we started reducing since her shot of 234 mg of invega!
We got a shot reduction to 158mg
We stayed on that dose for 1 year
Then we got another shot reduction to 117mg
Then we waited for about 4 months
Then got another shot reduction September 14th 2018 to 78mg
About the 6th month since the shot reduction
It was really bad withdrawals for about 4-5months
The dystonia and akathasia is a lot more under control now going on the 6th month
Still a long way to go
There are no signs of delusions and hallucinations
We have been using large amounts of CBD and THC that have been helping miracles
Benadryl is the anticholonergic for your akathasia and dystonia!
Along with the list of amino acids with the research…
The good news is the withdrawals are subsiding a bit
She’s been on antipsychotics for about 12 years
Unfortunately APs shouldn’t be administered for that long because of damage you can potentially do to the brain.soon enough there will be something a bit better than APs …
Maybe CBD is the start on that path forward!

Great to hear. My son will go off cold turkey next Fall, according to him. I am trying to encourage the slow go. How was the move to SoCal?

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@TheSunshineMaras, my son is only 24 and he has been on AP’s for about 4 years off and on. 4 years too long in my opinion. I just can’t imagine him taking these poisons for the rest of his life. So I will have a vegetable for a son in another 10 years?

There has got to be another, safer, better way. All we are doing is taking away the symptoms just like cold medicines, never curing anything, except with a lot more internal and organ damage being done.


It’s been great
Learning to adapt and be in the mountains more!
But slowly finding places we enjoy to go to!
Better stock up on some Benadryl and huge doses of CBD
Gaba as well
Maybe ask the doctor for some Benzos to help in extreme situations
Maybe he can potentially get a shot reduction at least and see how he does with that…
Not sure if he’s reasonable at the least…
What does your doctor think?
And what do you think?

How is he doing with the medicine?
Is he working?
Have you tried CBD?
Or any amino acids ?
Have you ever heard of open dialogue therapy?

His doctor doesn’t think he should go off. I think he should get reduced doses and see how that goes. He can’t use CBD right now as he’s on probation (speeding ticket). He has Chinese Herbs that I will encourage him to take when goes off. Those helped a bit in the past but he really needed the hard core drugs to stabilize him.


He is on Zyprexa, started with 15mg, now on 10mg. He is flat, no feelings, no emotion, I only see anger when he chooses to show something. The doctor most likely put him on that because he was showing a lot of anger. To zombify him.

Have you read about the side effects of some of these meds???

Lord help us all


You should watch Heal on Netflix!
It’s super interesting
It’s with joe dispenza
And yes I have seen the side effects!
Completely horrible
I honestly do my own research on other alternatives
Im not one to treat symptoms
Rather I like the idea of treating the roots…
The mind is extremely powerful…
Watch the Netflix movie and tell me what you think!

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Yes yes yes, roots! Don’t just suppress these outbreaks, but find a way to treat them. A lifestyle, everything with natural ingredients, talking therapy, a way of life forever. In my dreams, right?
I wish there was such a thing.

People get so happy and hopeful when the symptoms disappear, the root cause is still there. What the hell are we really doing? What are we putting into their bodies?

I will def watch that movie and let you know. Netflix is my best friend, my only friend. Haha

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