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Did any of you found force medication or hospitalization benefits your love one?

My son who is now 17. He started having both visual and auditory hallucinations one year ago. He refused to take any treatment. He doesn’t want to talk about it either. Right now he is trying hard to finish his senior year in high school. I want some advices. Should I force him on medication by petition through court or let him try to finish school? I am waiting for him to meltdown so I can send him to hospital. My biggest fear is that he will be more sick than now after he try the med. It is also painful for me to see him suffer and still go to school.

Get him amyloban3399
And see if that helps
Also look into CBD
That’s what I would do
He may benefit from those and may entirely help him out
Report to us about whether or not that worked or not …
You have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work
On the mean time, if it doesn’t work
You can go ahead and get professional help if possible…


I suggest - both. Support his efforts to finish school, and encourage him to get treatment which will make it more likely that he be able to do so!

You still have the opportunity to make some decisions, I think you should take advantage of that.


Sorry to hear about your son, recovery is possible.

I’ve had a history of severe mental illness but managed to get better and no longer take any medication, work part time 2 jobs and actually enjoy my life with my girlfriend and look forward to the future. If your son would like some ideas on how to get better here’s a link to my short essay


Also I have a YouTube Channel where I air my views. Good Luck>


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Yeah that would be hard for him to talk. My mom doesn’t really want to talk unless it’s important. I wouldn’t force anything on yourself that would make it worse.I understand that you are very concern about him. I know understand completely. I am my mother’s caregiver and now trying to find her a great caregiver to take my place. I believe I would try to talk to your son’s therapist if he has one to see what can be done. If he wants to try to finish up school let him do it. It’s totally up to your son what he does.


Is your mom med compliant? What symptoms does your mom has? How long has it been? Does she get worse over time? My son doesn’t has therapist either. He doesn’t want to admit that he has this disease. He know he is living in fear. I really want to help by forcing hospitalization but I afraid it will make it worse if the med got a lot old side effects.

My mom medication for depression hasn’t really been in her body. She still adjusting to it. Also, she doesn’t really want to take the medication. She just been acting very strange lately to me I don’t know how to handle it at times

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Yeah i get it you want him in a better safe place but if the medication not helping I would suggest talking to someone about an alternative treatment for schizophrenia Bc a lot of ppl can be sensitive to medications. Try biofeedback or I had heard from my best friend electric shocks helped but I would be scare to try that out

Yes my mom does get worse over time but her problem is due to mental health and her body too

You should try amyloban 3399 Hien

Has your son tried any medication?One important thing to know is the longer your son experiences psychosis the more his brain is damaged. See if there is a first psychosis program near you.

Our son is 25 years old now, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 21. He does not believe he is ill. We have had him committed for psychosis twice. First time followed a year court ordered medication. He received medication by injection monthly. He improved dramatically and was symptom free for 18 months no delusions, no hallucinations or paranoia with medication. His mood stabilized and he engaged with people and developed empathy. This took 4-5 months on medication to achieve resolution of symptoms. He was a joy to live with. Then he stopped taking his medication about 6 months after court order ran out. He deteriorated over several months and was rehospitalized this past May. He did not have court order to continue meds at dc but we told him he would go back to the hospital if he did not take them and we told him he needed to take meds to live in our home. Again his symptoms resolved and he is doing well. He is even seeking employment and has friends. Before he restarted his meds he was psychotic, too paranoid to leave house alone, too paranoid to make purchases at the store. He was literally isolated and living in his head. Now that we have been through 2 cycles and our son improved dramatically on medication if he comes off again I will seek immediate court order for medication and not wait til he meets inpatient commitment criteria. It takes trial and error to find best medication and some people only experience partial relief symptoms with medication and rare few no relief. Wish you the best. Don’t give up hope. We’ve been where you are now before, and it feels impossible. The late teen and early adult years in our experience and in hind sight were the worst. Maturity helps in the long run. Do everything you can to get him care BEFORE he turns 18.


Also read I’m not sick by Xavier Amador. Great book written by psychiatrist who had a brother with schizophrenia. Teaches you about communication strategy to get someone who does not believe they are ill to try medication.


I am glad that your son did well with medicine. Give me some hope. I am struggling in my mind every day. My biggest fear is the med will make him worse. He hadn’t try any medicine yet. He is extremely stubborn. I would say he is afraid of med which make him more sick. If the first med did not go well. I am sure he is not going to try the other. Right now he can function well getting good grades in school but I know he is not happy and suffering. I wish he can finish high school if he got lucky. I am monitoring him right now. If he doesn’t do well, I will step in. I agree with you that I need to step in before he turn 18.

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Did they find out which medicine work well for him before they do the monthly injection?

Yes he was on oral form same medication before switching to injection.

Most injectable medications have oral or pill form to try first. Others try low dose injection to make sure no side effects. The good effects medication can take weeks or months so often first thing look for is tolerability and minimal side effects.

May want to look for psychiatrist now and make appointment ahead of time even if you end up cancelling it. Many areas country long wait list for new patients. Consider starting medication over school break. Side effects appear most often early on so he could stop it and not interfere with school if he started over break. In my experience psychosis continues to worsen over time til treated. If school does not end til Spring 2020 may be worth considering meds sooner so it won’t be an urgent hospitalization situation which will clearly impact school.

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I am calling around to see which doctor taking new patient. Which medicine did your son ending with? How long does it take for him to find the right med? How long does the hospital keep him?

First hospitalization was a month but he had been psychotic for nearly a year before his delusions turned violent. He needed to be diagnosed and stabilized which took time. Second hospitalization was 2 1/2 weeks. Abilify is the medication that works for him. But it’s highly individualized what works for one person may not for another with same diagnosis. The medication trial can all be done outpatient if your son is not in crisis meaning dangerous to himself or others. Ask about genetic testing to identify right medication. This has been beneficial to many. My son was on med that worked before genetic testing was available.

My son also had mood disorder and anxiety as a child so he had been on different meds over the years so we knew which med helped his explosive temper and it also worked for his psychosis. So we he became psychotic he went right back on same medication and didn’t need to try multiple meds.

He tried new med this second episode as he said med that works makes him too tired. New med made him agitated so he went back on original med and over time he has adjusted to being on it less fatigue.

I am interested in that genetiic testing as well but not sure how accurate it is. I am glad that you mentioned it.