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Do meds suddenly stop working?

Just wondering after reading so many disappointing post about meds, do they ever last for more then s yr on one drug? Meds are all new to me but he has been on Zyprexa and depokot for 13-14 months now. Will themeds suddenly stop working?

From what I have read and heard, the meds just stopping working is much less common than our loved ones stopping taking the meds themselves. Sometimes when people say, “suddenly the meds stopped working” what they report back later was that they discovered eventually that their family member had stopped taking the meds.

Personally, if I was you and having that kind of success on meds, I would save that worry for a later date. We can only worry about so much at one time, I think we have to make ourselves take some worries off our plates.


Well said Hope! I wish I could do that. Today is a bit better now that my son has had his competency eval. I was a mess making sure he got there and signed the release to the judge. It was that or they were going to toss him in jail while he waited for a bed in the State Mental Health Hospital (5 hours away) which can take months and then years even for the eval. So now he is still in the transitional housing. Likely coming back to me next week. The doc did say he is having trouble intaking information correctly so that may buy us more time at the transitional home.


I try not to worry about the future and what might happen. Meds can last a lifetime…

Thinking about that saying, Don’t borrow trouble. But it’s easy for us to get a loan because we already have so much collateral.


lol, how true… We are in a club you don’t want to join.


Oh, Hereandhere, you’ve done it again! Brilliant.


Our family member also does reasonably well with injectable medication and went from a higher dose to an average dose without difficulty. I think it started at $1,200 a month and is down to $800 for the smaller dose. The drug company provided it for free until some other supports were in place. Our local health department applied for the free program and they also administer the shot. So, that was and is super helpful.

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what kind of injection does your family member take? is your family member experiencing any side effects of the meds? does he take Gabapentin or Benadryl for side effects?

Benztropine also known as Cogentin for side effects of Risperdal Consta, which is an every two week shot.

No side effects that are worse than the psychosis, but yes, some side effects.