Housing... What worked for you?

My son has been ill for over five years. He is currently homeless. He cannot stay at a shelter because they require a T B test, and he refuses to have anything to do with the medical community. He has lived in room and boards, and found a room to rent on Craigslist, but now he cannot seem to secure a place. I am wondering about purchasing an RV for him to live in, in a trailer park. Does anyone have any suggestions? What has worked for your loved one? Thanks!

When I went off my medications, I became homeless. I wasn’t successful at housing, regardless of what people did for me, until I got back on medication and treatment. We are each responsible for our own recovery. Recovery is a journey, not a destination.

I’m not sure what helped for my son…he never stays on meds long enough… he has been at grandparents/to dad’s out of state / back at home and board and care and also room and boards. He keeps getting of his meds and leaving the facilities . I think if he would stay on meds everything would be a lot easier and I think living at home was a little easier but quite scary for the family once he got off meds but I thought worked out ok because he was near me and I could get help when he needed. I think so far for him housed at long term locked facility on lps conservatorship because my son has to stay on his meds while in hospital because once he is out after a month usually stops meds.

my cousin received social security back pay and purchased a mobile home and has lived there for 17 years. there is a small rental fee for the place the trailer sits on, and she has a dog along with a patio and a fenced in yard.

she has covered all the windows on her trailer, and my uncles tell me not to go there, I have never seen it. she claims to not like the daylight and only wants to go out at night.

she has a friend who agreed to be her payee/guardian and pays her bills for her with the social security she receives each month.

she is bi polar, and brags about her cocaine addiction and drug dealing, and her brain is quite fried out, but she does live on her own, her mother (my aunt who has passed away now) gave her a car that she drives.

I will add that she has fully ‘drank the koolaide’ and goes to her therapy and med appointments faithfully each month, and is on depakote. she also fully understands the financial constraints of keeping her federal aid money coming in (social security) and receives food stamps. she has a small job as a cook for a local community club, where they pay her in cash. she enjoys cooking for the club and the members help to keep her grass mowed, etc. she has ovarian cancer and other health conditions.

I myself own my own house, no mortgage, I live in it.

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Currently my son is living with me so I don’t have much experience with this. I hope you find some answers here.

If you have the means to purchase that-I would do it…
My son has been everywhere-homeless-my mom`s-my place-several different apartments…He currently lives in his own apt. and rent is paid through a payee from his ssi checks. Money would have helped out a lot! At one time C. had section 8.
So I say-If you have the money to put him up-go for it!!!

The trailer sounds pretty good to me. Maybe he could pay you some rent.

I like the trailer idea. Some of them are very nice. :house:

So far nothing has really worked well. My son wants to live independently in an apartment, but he has gone off of meds repeatedly, and his behaviors have caused problems where he is been repeatedly denied renewal of his lease or been evicted.

He dislikes residential care facilities.

He is actually in a situation where he is receiving a higher level of care - hates that.

I think a small house with just a few residents and some med supervision would be great - but nothing like that exists.

I have considered both a trailer or building on at our house. I think my husband would object tho.

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Thank you for your responses. I am going today to meet the manager at one of the mobile home parks that was recommended (by our local agency that helps the homeless find housing.) I have some friends that own an RV, and they are willing to help us find one that would be suitable. I have been told that it works better not to have a loved one living on our property… My son has done well in the past living independently. He struggles with roommates, since his sense of hearing is so acute. I truly appreciate your suggestions and kind sharing of stories and experience.

that has worked well for my cousin who is bi polar, she has her own mobile home. she tells stories about living at home, and so does her step-dad and her Mom did as well, but her mom as passed away now. All are happier with her in her own place even tho it’s not beautiful.

she can have pets in her trailer, and can do whatever she needs to do, and she sees a therapist and a pdoc monthly, she does quite well that way, that’s how the process seesm to work. if you deviate from that, process seems to goto hell. just my opinion, I’ve known my cousin all my life, always been this way, this is what works, 17 years with a friend payee, she lives on her own. I do think that’s best, she has to cook, clean, care for herself, or find services to help her. we obviously do what we can, but it’s best this way for all of us.

That sounds great. Maybe even one of those tiny homes you see all over the internet now. You can practically build them yourself. energy efficient. Check out Tiny Homes…