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Do they remember the psychotic break?


The doctor asked me when this all started for my son. When I described his break (tv talking to him, people following him) that happened a few years ago. He said that it didn’t happen. He remembers certain aspects like a book on a table that he had an issue with. I’m just wondering if your loved one denies the things that happened. Perhaps when he hears what I say he doesn’t want to admit that it happened because it was not “normal” behavior?


My family member forgets some things and remembers others that happened during severe psychosis.

I have heard elsewhere that a psychotic episode is kind of a waking dream/ nightmare, so it makes sense that only flashes and parts would be recalled. And all providers say that people who have psychosis don’t remember lots of it.


My son would never admit to the TV “talking” to him. His therapist told me and my wife had suspected it. He is 28 and med compliant on 4.5 mg. of Invega. His long term memory is affected by his SZ more than the meds. The side affects seem to be weight gain and fatigue which go hand in hand.


Not remembering or wanting to talk about the breaks for my son is a part of wanting to start a new life on medication. Also to protect the family and himself from very, very bad memories. Delusions are forgettable now that he is medicated. I have all the empathy in the world for those struggling here. My heart goes out to all.


I guess I actually described it as my son had told it. That the neighbors had hacked into the tv and we’re telling him they were going to hurt him. And that he had baseball bats at all the doors because people were trying to get him. He doesn’t remember the tv incident and said he was swinging the bats while he was watching sports. I just guessed his brain was pretty fried st the time or perhaps it’s like drinking and blacking out.