Helping my homeless son

My son had his first bought of psychosis in college. Before that he showed no signs of mental illness at all. We were able to get him committed to the hospital one time. Since then he hates me and doesn’t trust me. He has repeatedly been homeless (by choice). He has refused to stay at my house and at multiple apartments I have rented and furnished for him. Now he has me blocked and doesn’t want me yo be part of his life anymore. I’ve been his support system from day one. He has cut off all friends and all family but my mom. My mom now says he has frost bite from the extreme cold. I’m hopeless. He was a brilliant child and got into every college he applied to. Seeing him like this at 28 years old is heartbreaking and I don’t know what to do to get him help. I’m concerned for his life. We have even bought him a camper that he now refuses to sleep in. It’s like the only place he isn’t paranoid is in the woods alone with no contact with anyone.

In Maryland, any concerned person can go to the nearest district court during court hours and fill out a “petition for an emergency psychiatric evaluation” form. If the judge grants the petition the police will then go find the person and take them to the nearest emergency room where they will be evaluated and possibly kept for a while in the hospital if the hospital has a psychiatric ward, or if they don’t, they might be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

The main problem is that, by law, they can’t keep them very long, as in maybe a week or 10 days. They are entitled to a hearing after a few days and they can ask to be released.

You have to Google for your state to see what the laws are. NAMI may be able to help. If you are concerned for his life the Emergency Petition route may be the way to go.

I feel your pain. That was my son just over a year ago. He got in trouble in one psychosis episode and now is on probation and on court ordered treatment. Thay saved his life and brought him back home. It is very hard. Before that the only thing I could do was going frequently to see him. Give him some food and money. I also contacted an organization that did homeless outreach and gave them his name, a photo and places where he slept. They found him and checked on him about every week. Do not put on you he hating you because you calling police to take him to the hospital. I did it 3 times. It is hard but no regrets. May be you have another person that he can trust and he can reach out once in a while. I had three freinds that did that for my son for 4 yrs and I will always be grateful yo them. Wishing you the best.


I think this is good advice.