Does anyone know if tramatic experiences bring mental illness on


My sons father committed suicide when he was sixteen. He had a great father. He seemed ok but at 22.was diagnosed bipolar. His two grandfathers died that same year. They loved him a lot. One of his grandmothers died also that year. I was hurt but numb. I wonder if it brought the illness on. I miss my husband and grandfather. I know he does. He is left with two women.


I believe that traumatic experiences can bring on mental illness. I have led a very traumatic life, and if it weren’t for all of the trauma, I don’t believe that I would have gotten schizophrenia. That’s why a good therapist (if you’re lucky enough to find one) can help.


I definitely think so too. From Moms overprotective constant holding me, to moving around all the time (including overseas), to Dad leaving when I was 5…grandfathers death, uncles death by the age of 7…and Mom questioned why I was a strange kid… :frowning:
A lot of that early strangeness was simply not wanting to form close attachments to a whole lot of guys, probably because I viewed guys as ditchers, they disappeared. One of my school problems that got me labelled “emotionally disturbed” was I would write a girls name on my papers instead of mine…the teachers would give me poor grades for just that even though the work itself was As and Bs… that was like 1st grade. then i dealt with the “trauma” of the psychiatrist who tried to pry out of me why I did such things. A 6 year old going to a psychiatrist with his Mom, how cool was that? Because that only added pressure due to stigma from those who knew I went to a psychiatrist!


My 2 episodes of psychosis were definitely brought on by trauma.


Trauma is a trigger, Ive read that. I myself have trauma. @alien99 has me beat though, by far buddy :slight_smile: I have significant but not top-of-the-chart trauma.

Trauma is a trigger for a fact, I know this from school.


It sure didn’t help. I had a long history of trauma, but then again, I was never considered normal anyway.


Not all people with trauma develop mental illness/psychosis .This suggests that additional factors aside from trauma are needed to trigger mental illness/psychosis.


I was raped at boarding school which brought on my symptoms. There’s no proof but I suspected it for awhile. Trauma most deff brings on PTSD. The students at this 300 person school were abusing drugs because after I left I was told a couple of them were kicked out. The school put it on me to save their asses. There’s no justice with capitalism. The grass is always green to them even when it’s dead.

That’s why I advocate more for addressing trauma and improving the mental condition over medicating away your problems. No one needs pills. That’s why I was abused and harassed because I told all the patients that medications were toxic and convinced the entire ward to refuse their medications and the patients, not the staff and doctors, witnessed. I recall a boy named Zane yelling after me “Don’t listen to them Gabby! These are cruel evil people” like he was crying out to me because the abuse was so profound. I was isolated for being ugly and made to sit with 6 year olds when I was 15 because I was bothersome due to overdoped meds making me catatonic then they tried to slap on behavior disorder so my dad argued and due to his own guilt i’m sure he convinced himself it wasn’t a mistake, they didn’t traumatize me into my symptoms. I had attempted suicide. I was also molested by someone who worked there. I reported it and nothing was done after the investigation.

That’s why.


I had a traumatic filled life - suffering from crippling panic attacks since I was a young child - over and over again panic disorder ruled my life. Trauma and abuse are not direct causes of psychosis but are triggers - just like any life changing experience


It is highly likely that a certain traumatic experience was what activated my Schizophrenia when I was young. They say that you get a gene that makes you vulnerable to having Sz if it is triggered. I believe that certain traumatic experience when i was young was my trigger.


Thanks for replying I am sorry you had these experiences. I pray for you.


I think if you are predisposed-then the stress of repeated trauma, or a head injury can cause it. Also just a lot of stress in your life can trigger it.


Yea. Trauma is a big deal. It definitely at times contributed to aspects of my illness. I went through a lot of nasty stuff when I was younger. It had a huge impact on me. I’ll never get over it.


Traumatic experiences can give you ptsd, but I have no idea about other mental illnesses. I heard schizophrenia is caused by a dopamine imbalance in the brain.


Stress triggered psychotic breakdowns for me.