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Do you believe TRAUMA has a role in people developing Schizophrenia? And why?

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I have PTSD. Early on, my other dx was schizophrenia, but that changed to major depression.

I think the changes that lead to schizophrenia, which I believe are (epi)genetic, could be related to an increased sensitivity to trauma becoming PTSD. That’s my current theory… Non-scientific.

I believe my son had a vast amount of stress that brought on his psychosis. School, girlfriend, etc. When signs of being delusional started to happen, he told me (later) that he had been extremely stressed out, more than ever before. His psychotic break came after not sleeping and being extremely stressed out when living in a home where large amount of pot was being grown. I believe stress was a big factor (not scientific - just my intuition).


I think it is a good one. There is a strong hx of MI on both sides of the family and alcoholism which caused family drama.
The first break occurred after a very stressful event was followed by not sleeping for 2 days, and I suspect a bit of alcohol consumption. So I have wondered if the combination of all three was what ‘flipped the switch’ so to speak.

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