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Im tired! and don't know what to do

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I was thinking about getting him an apartment but have been worried about unleashing his paranoia and anger on innocent people. Also what happens when he starts putting holes in those walls? Nami has been shut down due to COVID and we were only able to do a zoom meeting which did not allow interaction. The meeting basically just said everything that is on the web site. Are you able to leave your son alone for like a week? How about driving? Can he be trusted to operate a vehicle? Public transportation is not very good where we live and he needs that part time job. Its the only time he gets out of his room.

Hi , we are in Florida too , Boca Raton . It sounds like your son needs to try a different kind of medication as he seems to be in psychosis .Only until he is stable should he live away from you . I would write a diary with dates and symptoms , triggers etc… and tell all you can to his psychiatrist . If you feel his doc is not helping then i would look for another one . Ive been through 5 of them . My son is on Abilify and he has cut it down from 25mg to 5mg and wants to stop them completely . He is 23 years old , does not work , racing thoughts , but stable . He cooks , drives to pick up groceries and works on suing his doctors .He paces a lot and sometimes giggles to himself . He says he is also working on a business plan . I have left my son once for a week but called him on face time every day . You are very fortunate that he works . I wish my son would work . last year he broke his bedroom door and a few months a go he punched a hole in the wall (he told me he slipped and hit his head) i take one day at a time and handle what i can each day . I get no support from my husband (step dad , who thinks my son is a loser because he doesnt work )so im on my own looking after him when needed . I see him a few times a week and help him clean up and bring him food . He broke my heart yesterday and told me for the first time that he has no friends and feels lonely . ( he said he doesnt trust anyone and feels bullied by all ) Today he bought a hamster and im hoping this little furry animal will take his broken mind off thinking that he is sick all the time . He always thinks that things are wrong with him . Right now he is distraught about his height and believes he’s short and is looking for doctors to help him grow . He is average height and looks fine . He has threatened suicide if he doesnt grow so this is what im dealing with right now . He hasn’t mentioned his height today as thank gd he is distracted by the hamster . He is very impulsive and can get very angry for no reason and can also be very pleasant at times . Mostly he stresses me out but im his mum and i will be his punching bag at times with boundaries of course . Where are you in Florida ? I believe with the right meds your son will be fine but it can take a long time to find the right ones and even when you do not all symptoms will disappear so you need to find a good sort of ‘’ stable ‘’ .

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Thank you for your reply. I’m near Wellington. Psychiatrist is still trying to find the right meds for him. I’m sure you know how it is…try this one for 2 weeks, then try this one for 2 weeks and on and on it goes. My son last night told us that he is hearing people whisper my husbands and my name in his ears while at work. Yes, he has a job, not sure for how much longer. I pray every day that he doesn’t scare or hurt anyone else. My son is also lonely, no friends either. I wish that he could get some stability, not seeing it yet. Oh, he also thinks he may have termites in his ears!

I am so sorry you and your son are dealing with all this. I don’t know what it is with holes in the walls! I think my son was seeing faces in the wall.
I’m like a broken record, but the only thing which stabilized my son has been Clozapine. He still has some hallucinations, but they are finally manageable most days. It took a while to make a difference, but it really can help those who are treatment-resistant.

That’s great that your son got a hamster! My son has two guinea pigs in his room and I think they bring him a lot of comfort. It gives something to talk about, and also we make frequent trips to the pet store, which he enjoys. Hope it helps your son feel less lonely.

Best wishes. This group is so helpful.

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Hi , I have heard many times that Clozapine helps when all fails . My son refuses all other meds but perhaps you can suggest it to his doctor , Hummingbird son is stabilised with it . Worth a try if all fails they say .

[quote=“Tippy, post:3, topic:11020”]
My son last night told us that he is hearing people whisper my husbands and my name in his ears while at work.
[/quote] This is great that he opened up to you and shared what is happening in his mind . He may have insight and if he does then once you find the right meds im sure he will be much better :pray: My son would never admit why he giggles to himself , i wish he would but he has no insight at all or he just doesnt want to admit it .

Thanks Hummigbird , His hamster whom he named ’ Love ’ already made a difference and has given him comfort too :relieved: I pray for our boys :pray:
I dont believe anyone will care like a mother will care for her child . We need to think positive and do our bests for our boys and educate ourselves more and more about this disease .

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my son is currently taking risperdal, buspar, lamictal and zyprexa. Yesterday he lost it at his job and not sure if he still has a job. Can’t really tell with his version of the story. Don’t really know how he has kept it this long. I can’t imagine that he functions that much better at work than at home. I just pray that he doesn’t hurt or scare anyone like he does me. I will check with his doctor to see if clozapine can help. He has tried so many meds already without success. Thanks for your suggestions.

If your son is willing, he might benefit with the addition of specific supplements that both increase cognition and decrease inflammation in the brain. A few of these include curcumin, ubiquinol, and krill oil. Medication alone was never enough for my daughter so I took it upon myself to research. The sister forum has good information as well. I actually learned a lot studying nootropics on Reddit. It is never ending. Unless or until the system changes it’s up to us to do what we can and part of that is taking care of ourselves. Most everyone here has been in this a long time, so we know. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

I agree , do you recommend any specific brands for the vitamins you mentioned ? i have just started to give my son curcumin but he will only take the gummies and im not even sure if he is taking all the supplements i have bought him . He tells me he is not allowed take them every day :grimacing:

Yes this is going to be a personal for everyone since we are different but I did try different brands and what I’ve observed give the best benefit for my daughter are Neptune krill oil by Now, Curamed curcumin, and ubiquinol from nootropics depot. For a multivitamin the basic one a day from Naturelo or pure encapsulations are both good, but I’ve read about other brands on the sister forum. One unfortunate consequence of Covid has been a significant increase in mental health problems so maybe this will help spur momentum for change.

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Thank you :pray: i will look them up

Thank you for your suggestion. I am at my wits end. I will look into these supplements. I don’t know if he will try them, but if I don’t offer them then he will never try. It was another horrible weekend with him. He wished his father a happy father’s day and then the very next second told him that we are destroying his life. The awful ugly things he says and does! I know that he is suffering, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is very hard to live with him. I live in fear of him every day. I will look into these vitamins right away.

I would look more into shared housing where he would have a social worker but that means getting him to be evaluated which is not always an easy task. I’m dealing with that now. As far as driving and getting a part time job, I don’t know how severe his symptoms are so I couldn’t even try to give you advice on that. My son was housed by Turning Point for while until they ran out of funds, he lived alone, and it was not something I recommend especially his symptoms are severe. It was very lonely for him, and would cause more psychotic events. That’s been my experience.

I will investigate again into shared housing. So far, I have not been able to find any in my area. I don’t want him living in the street, but I don’t know that I can continue living with this fear that I have of him. We have to lock the bedroom door at night. I always have to make sure that the kitchen knives are out of sight after I use them for cooking. He was on a rant last night that lasted past midnight and its the same things over and over. Its exhausting! I still have to go to work. I’m sorry, I am venting. I am so lost as to what can be a working living arrangement for us.