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Drug use - schizoaffective disorder son

I have a son who is schizoaffective. Right now he is using cocaine and will not stop. He is owing pushers money. He refuses to go to NA meetings and will go when he feels like it to group meetings through his ACT team. He is on a waiting list for residential but this can take time.

Any suggestions on how to get him to stop? He did it on his own once before.


Cut the money, charge him rent if he lives with you.


Here is a thread that might be of interest.

The physical dependence of cocaine can make it very difficult to quit on his own. Good that he has done it before but sounds like he is having a go at it right now with pushers after him. I’m sure that alone is causing him some serious stress and leading to more self-medicating, worsening his schizoaffective symptoms. Is he on any antipsychotics? If so, then that means he has a pdoc. His doctor may have some pharmacological suggestions that could help him through the process of withdrawal.

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My daughter spent 60 days here and it worked: