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Using and not wanting to live

About seven years ago my son who is schizoaffective stopped cocaine on his own. This time he cannot stop or will not I don’t know which it is this time. I am tired of dealing with this situation it has been almost a year now. And he is owing money left and right. I know that many with this illness are dual diagnosis.
Does anyone know why they are so attracted to drugs. Is it self medicating? I do know that he has to want to stop and I don’t see this happening.

Any suggestions?

My daughter was shooting heroin to escape the hell. I sent her here for 60 days out of state and it worked: Now clean long enough to get shock therapy…

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People who have these illnesses sometimes have deficits in executive function. Good decisions become harder to make. It’s also easier for other people to influence them in both negative and positive ways.

How did he quit before?

He went to NA meetings and just stopped. Now he doesn’t want to go to meetings and doesn’t want to stop.

I’m sorry to hear that he doesn’t want to stop; sounds like he knows a good resource if he does want to.

I hope he changes his mind about stopping.