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ECT Electroconvulsive therapy

Does any one have any experience with Electroconvulsive therapy - I have googled it and found the definition, side affects etc but I would like to hear if any of your loved ones have used this treatment and the success of it Note he will continue with his med clozapine as wellThank you

Yep, My daughter had a 9 round session over a 3 week period started on November 29, 2017 in patient and worked great, basically fixed her and she explains it fully here, the day after release: It took years to prove meds don’t work before they allowed the procedure…


Thank you for sharing - And thank you Ashley for explaining your experience with the therapy - it was a great help

Thank you so much for sharing this. My partner and i listened together and it was a great help.
Thank you Ashley for being so open.
Stay safe :heart:

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