ECT Experiences

I would like to hear about your experience with ECT. Considering talking to my son’s dr about it. My son is adhering to treatment for almost 2 yrs now and doing well, but voices remain.

We had a mostly beneficial experience with ECT (until it was too many treatments due to unfortunate continuity of care and that it was a treatment used because my LO refused everything else at the time) but it was not to treat voices because that was not a symptom. ECT is typically used for other symptoms and it seems very little for voices, per what I know and am reading about. What treatment is your son currently receiving? There are other more common go-to treatments for eliminating or lessening voices. What was your reason for considering ECT?

My daughter has been successfully using Haldol injections for almost 4 years now, it was the only thing that quieted most of the symptoms of her psychosis. However, she still hears her voices even now. I don’t know that they will ever go away, honestly. But she is not “under their control” anymore. The last two years have been the greatest improvements, sort of a continuous uphill slow walk… So perhaps the medicine is helping and will continue to help, and only more time is needed.

My mother went through 8 sessions of ECT. It was very effective for her stress, and reduced voices but didn’t stop them

Voices dont go away. Much improvement on many other indicators. Over a year on Clozapine.