Effective meds for SZaffective?

Hey wonderful people. Our 25 year old was diagnosed 5 years ago… snap to hear where he’s been booted out of the house until he gets his symptoms under control to keep everyone safe. Now his doctors are prescribing two anti psychotics and he’s ramping up slowly but he’s not medication compliant because he doesn’t want to be groggy.

Which anti psychotics have worked for your loved one if they have same diagnosis?
Does anyone have experience with EMPowerplus Q96? It sounds like a supplement that may help instead of two anti psychotics?

Love and peace to all of you and your home teams — thank you for listening

We took our son to Mensah Medical in Chicago and they push nutrients. It is very slow and it is recommended continuation of the medicine. Titate slowly and expect one week of symptoms before a little improvement in mood. He is now trying the Invega shot. We’ll see how it goes. He has problem with compliance but lives at home and we make him take his meds. God bless you all