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Son decided not to take meds monthly shot


Well my son has been back home for 1 month and is deciding not to take his meds . Now its just a waiting game till the meds wear off and then get him help back into the hospital again,…He usually gets gravely disabled within a few days on pills but on shots I think it takes longer to wear off and go downhill …I’m staying calm hoping everything will go down smoothly and get him the help he needs…


I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough time with your son.

I know in a few weeks, when the medication wears off, he will be feeling miserable.

I think it’s great that you’re willing to take him to the hospital if he becomes unstable. Being hospitalized was the singular most moment that caused me to be med compliant.

I had a terrible time there, and not wanting to go back was great motivation for me to keep taking my medications.

Hopefully, he will have a similar revelation and stay on his meds.

And I hope you stay strong and get him the help he needs.




I know you wish your son well, but there is an up side if this all blows up super bad. From what I have seen here it takes a major scare to jar some people into being compliant.


I wouldn’t be too hard on your son for not taking the meds. The anti psychotics cause a lot of negative symptoms, they leave you feeling lethargic and unsocial with poverty of speech.

Anti psychotics are not a cure all. They are actually very primitive drugs. I personally rarely take them, other than to relieve anxiety or paranoia.

You should treat this illness holistically. I personally found spirituality very beneficial in helping me overcome sz problems. I volunteered at a homeless hostel run by a Christian organisation, the Legion of Mary. They helped me get my feet back on the ground and helped me overcome my spiritual paranoia.


Sorry to hear this Patty. Staying calm is a lot easier then it sounds isn’t it. The last time my son went off his meds I couldn’t do much except wait for him to decompress to the point where I could have him admitted. He was also smoking a lot of marijuana so I think it took about 5 days. Keeping you both in my thoughts.


I hope he changes his mind. For ym son, It took him a long time before he became symptomatic. It was very gradual. He is also on injections. Good luckX


Thank you everyone for all your comments and tips to for my son and I!!! I really was hoping he would stay on meds longer since he was able to come back and live @ home. He hasn’t been able to live at home in a few years but his step-dad and sister were all on board coming b and living in our household. I knew he would eventually stop meds just thought he would take them a little longer but I know that something is not clicking with his brain and he thinks he’s doing well so he has to get off meds…hopefully someday he will understand that if he doesn’t take meds he will become gravely disabled to the point that he can’t do for himself…I’m sooo glad we have this site it really helps me knowing that there are people out there and I’m not alone…

Thanks again!


Hi, Anthony. I am a mom of a son just over 30 who also kept going off his medication, resulting in repeated hospitalizations. May I ask what meds you are on and satisfied with?