Information about Invega injection

My son had his 1st appointment with the Dr at the ACT program. He was trying to get my son to agree to the invega injection. ( no luck) anyway I knew there was a once every 3 month injection, but now there is a Every six month injection. Which I think is awesome. Patient would have to work up to that, but still, worth it.


I am glad that your son went to his appointment with the ACT program Dr. Perhaps he will decide on the injection in the future. My daughter had her shot yesterday at Directions for Living. They are so supportive there. We are blessed that the shot has been working for her since Dec 2019. I do hope you can find some stability for your son and yourself. It is so nice to not feel the tension and trauma anymore that used to be a daily part of our lives. I wish that for you.


My daughter is on her second month of the Invega injection. She, too had been fighting the injection and need for medication, in general. She is in a treatment center where they offered the injection and she agreed to take it! Not sure what changed her mind. She is taking Invega 30 day dose and Olanzapine.

We have seen dramatic improvement as she had never been med compliant more than a week or two in the 12 years since her diagnosis.

All I can suggest is to keep that seed planted. Gently remind, when appropriate, of the ease of taking the injection. Hopefully, when the opportunity comes in the future, it will be accepted.


Hello, My daughter did 4 months of the monthly shot. Last month she did the 3 month shot. Hopefully it last the full 3 months. There are some side effects she has like her eyesight has gone a little wonkey on her it hard for her to focus sometimes. She is a little bet slow, I can’t give her a list of things to do. I have to be very direct if she needs to do something one thing at a time. Lots of praises. Let her do things with out urging her to go faster or getting impatient I’m constantly reminding myself she’s doing the best she can. She wants to do things she’s just has to concentrate a lot harder to do them and she seems to get worn out easy. She is so much calmer though and she still hears voices but she’s working on that also. She told me she is not the same person she was but I am proud of the person she is becoming. More outgoing than she ever was and not as scared of new situations anymore. Well wishes to all of you.


The injection seemed to handle things on a slow uphill climb, little bits of improvement over time. My daughter is a different person than she was, but the new her is a very good person! She talks to me of the voices she still hears, but they don’t command her anymore.


My son is also on Invega Trenza every three months that works out to be about 75mg a month. When I asked his doctor about the six month injection he didn’t know anything about that. I am in Canada. He has been medicated now for about two years. He’s doing really well. When it comes close to when he is getting his injection. He complains non stop that he can’t do anything because of the fatigue he has from the needle and says this is no way to live. In reality he has done many things. Build stairs, took dryer apart and fixed it bought and installed a water heater and much more. The fear and worry that he will stop the medication is always there. This is really taking its toll on me.


I wish my 52-year-old son would consider the 3 month injection.

Daily struggle with meds.

He is better after 20+ years of struggle.


My daughter had her first 3 month shot in Feb 17, her next shot is April 17. I’ve noticed a decline in her the last 2 -3 weeks, she’s getting caught up in the voices again, and I have have to interrupt her conversations to get her attention. And she’s been in ups and down moods. In the same hour. I don’t know if its the 3 month shot not lasting as long as it should, even her counselor noticed a bit of aggression from her and that not a norm. Does anyone know if she can get the 3 month shot like every two months has anyone else on long term hots had issue with them not lasting as long as the should???

Hi @tti
Our son had the same experience with the Invega shot. It was great at first but would wear off sooner each month he was on it. When it would wear off, we would notice a belligerence with him we had never seen before.
After 6 months, his dr took him off of the Invega shot and switched to Olanzapine. That worked much better for him.
Good luck!
Oh and also increasing the dose on the Invega shot made no difference; it still wore off quicker each month.
Just our experience. Others may have had a different outcome.

Thank you for the reply, good to know the Olanzapine worked better for him.

How many mg. Is your son taking. When it comes close to the 3rd. Month the injection starts to ware off my son does more complaining that all his problems are because of the needle.

I’m not sure I will ask her though. She just got an injection on monday. I think she tries to ignore that she is even getting it and the doctors have not shared that info with me. I know the last month of it she was doing a lot of talking in her head though, she tries to act like she is not so unless she wants to share the conversation I just pretend I don’t know what is going on but I try to get her attention to talk to me instead. I don’t know if this is the right medication? Its not like in the movies where the doctors sit down and talk with a patient for and hour to get to know them and listen to them to find out what works. Where she is at now she has seen the doctor 4 times in 7 months and for no longer that 15min. She has an option to see a therapist over the phone but she doesn’t trust that. I’m just complaining.n sorry!