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Hi All!

So I’ve got a 50yr older brother with SZ. We (Sis, Mom, I) have been battling for 25years with him roaming streets homeless, getting arrested, returning, going to group home A, going on meds, back off…repeat. Mom is too old (86) to be the one in charge and we have never been able get him committed as he always pulls the wool over psych’s eyes. After years missing, he showed up in CO (via Police & ER) and after months we have finally got him in a secured facility in CO (where he happened to appear) and we now have guardianship - and responsibility (but very little knowledge)…

The problem is, I am in IL and Mom/Sis are in MD where bro belongs. Is it possible to “transfer” him to another secured facility in MD or will we have to repeat the whole process (courts, hearings, lawyers, etc) all over again? Who can help with this? It is key that he remains in a secured facility because he always leaves (and repeats cycle) or returns home to Mom’s (where he has been on rare occasion physically abusive). To add to this, he apparently suffered a stroke recently and is now physically disabled, losing use of one arm and a disabled foot - but he can and does move. He has also lost about 100 pounds from the last time I saw him and appears very thin. How do I go about transferring him from CO secured facility to a MD one? Can I? I was told that guardianship does not give on the ability to commit, so I am concerned in that regard. Where can I get help with this?



I recommend you start by calling the Treatment Advocacy Center. They have lawyers on their staff who are familiar with this sort of thing and can at least point you in the right direction, if not provide the information you need:


Another possible place for assistance is your local NAMI office:



You might want to consult with a lawyer in MD (or CO?). If you have guardianship, usually that includes deciding where the person will live, but you need to know if you can put him in a hospital or treatment center or group home (whatever he needs) per the terms of the guardianship.