Family Member Needs Help.. Where to turn?

Hello. I am writing on behalf of a sick family member who we have been trying to get help for. He has been in isolation for several years and has refused any medical or psychological help.

We believe that he is manic and schizophrenic and we are looking for someone that can treat him in West Virginia.

Are there any mental health professionals in the area that could talk with him? We would like to find a place that can treat him as soon as possible.

Welcome to this forum. You will find people here who understand. I think that you should try to contact NAMI, as one of the volunteers there may have some ideas of how you can find help. Unfortunately, many ill with SMI (severe mental illness) won’t seek help, as you’ve seen with your family member. I had to force help on my adult daughter, and I do have a success story, but it was a long road (over 3 years) to get her out of her active psychosis.


Hi, isolating may not be a bad thing. Some are out taking drugs, getting arrested, living on the street. You may have it good. Just quiet in his own space and world. My son was isolated just home alone. I felt bad he didn’t have a life. I made the mistake of giving him an activating antipsychotic Abilify. Now I’m wishing I left him alone. Things hit the fan. He was out acting wild. Maybe sometimes doing nothing is the answer. If he isn’t bothering anyone, eating, and functioning at home alone I would leave him alone. It can go either way get better or get worse. If he is stable the way he is you might have something to be great full for.


I am sure you can get plenty of help from NAMI and agree with the rest. In case you are not able to go to in person, NAMI offers virtual family support as well. It has been a life changer for me since I had a hard time leaving my kid. Please reach out to them and wish you the best.

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