Family members reactions


You know the shame of it is that our loved ones may try to appear sane around others, so relatives think they can handle more than they really can. I know with my husband that was the case. But I saw what it cost him to put on a brave face. It often resulted in him hhaving more stress and more symptoms when we were alone together.


My son’s suppression of his symptoms alway result in bad days for him afterwards. As his scz progresses, it takes him longer to recover from his suppression efforts.


I think that is why my son had a few bad days after I was back from my trip. He tried so hard to keep himself under control for that time, and then he had to decompress.


Yes NAMI FtF said any change would cause stress.


My son’s father thinks he (my son) researched drugs that mimic mental health issues so he wouldn’t have to work.

I, however, do not think this is the case.


You have to wonder how much is denial and how much is just not even trying to understand.


@dkgreg I agree with what others have said. Maybe your son can speak to your daughter’s pdoc, not for personal details specific to her therapy, but so the pdoc can educate your son about the illness.


We have kind of an interesting dynamic developing in our family. I’ve mentioned in other posts, my brother has mostly been on his own to cope with his illness over the years aside from some sporadic visits from family and a few years living with our Mom.

We moved nearby recently and have been visiting every weekend since Christmas and he’s done really well with extended weekend stays over the past few months. He even had a 10 day stay over Easter which was mostly event free. He did shadowbox for a few moments one day shortly after our Mom lectured him about smoking.

We’re getting closer to making progress with him possibly moving in, now we’re getting unwanted advice from parents about how to care for him. “Try not to let him smoke so much. Make sure he’s not too bored” etc. Smoking is not ideal, but low on our priority list. Lots of things in his life could be improved on before that. Hmm where was the concern when he was on his own the past couple years? Can’t imagine them telling his board and care to manage his smoking habits. He even smoked with Mom when they lived together.

Told Mom she could move back to this state if she’d like to help, but she “can’t” for random reasons (she is retired and has no other roots where she is). Feeling kind of like the ‘little red hen’ at the moment. Nobody wants to lift a finger, but plenty of advice on how to ‘make the bread.’ :roll_eyes:


You hang in there, you are the one stepping up!


Good for you to be there for your brother.


Thank you, both! I know it’s coming from a well-intentioned place… just a little annoying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m still chuckling over the little red hen reference:smile:


Do we feel another custom art piece coming on???


I know right?

I hadn’t thought of the little red hen in years - I suspect her expression would be the same as your art piece…