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What do families think of us?

I want to ask anyone who has a family member with SZ or SZA, how do you view them? I’m 20 with SZA and I always wonder what my parents think of me.

It is likely your parents feel scared, and worried, and frustrated, and angry (tho not at you) and confused and guilty (tho there really is no logical place for guilt). And they love you just as much as before diagnosis.

My 21 yo who has been diagnosed with sz is strong and interesting. I enjoy spending time with him when he chooses to spend time with me.

His well being is of primary importance to me. Being diagnosed with any serious illness sucks and parents always wish for the health and safety of their children.

Every person is unique and irreplaceable.

My mother thinks I am especially close to God. Most people are impressed with the fact that I maintain such good composure and wouldn’t even know I had SZ.

I have come to view sz somewhat like alzheimer’s. I have always loved and respected my sister very much and we were very close-best friends. I loved her just as much when she first got sick, and was first diagnosed with sz. I knew her illness was genetic, not her choice, and she did nothing to cause or deserve it. Her illness did not change my feelings for her one bit. However, I do not love the destructive, malicious, paranoid, cold, cruel person that my medically noncompliant sister has become today. The senseless hurt and damage that she has caused others and myself as a direct result of her deliberately untreated illness horrifies me. My sister would never have done these things. Like with alzheimer’s, my sister is gone, and it is possible that I may never see her again. So please; stick with your treatment, and do it for not only yourself, but for the people who love you too. We care, and we hurt when you get sick.