Fearful of the Future. Family in turmoil

I recently had a long visit with my mom while we drove to the dentist the other day…my sister who was dating the wealthy man fell out and now she is seeing her ex husband who she fled from earlier last year when he threatened to shoot her and her kids and pets while on a drunk. (he’s a raging alcoholic). well, my sister is drinking like a fish and I guess she just relates to her ex husband because he drinks too…I am upset. My mom is upset. Her wealthy boyfriend she left was going to buy her a house. My sister is still expecting him to but I doubt if he finds out about her ex husband back in the picture that that will happen. I guess my sister is a bit naive, or stupid to go back to her ex husband. I just hate to see my mom so upset.

In my own surroundings, Angie came back but now her sister and her father are both dying and she is flying to see them from the 29th of June to the 4th of July…I am going to be left alone with her dogs and it is scaring the hell outta me! I hate being alone and it’s the last days of the pay period so it’s not going to be fun at all…worried…oh well.

Your concern shows that you care for family Perhaps it would be wise to speak with your sister about how much she means to you especially the times she helped you raise your shoulders when you stand. Let her know that it hurts you to see her feel sadness and that at times in life we (as people) tend to try to find an escape within a bottle. Remind her that she doesn’t need to drink to be happy, though feeling happy does not happen everyday there are times when we are happy and so life has happiness. The best of luck to you.

well that would be a good idea except my sister swears she is just “having fun” and she doesn’t take advice or criticism about her life that well…no, I will remain silent and just pray for her to come away from her ex husband without any harm happening to her. My sister is making her bed and she must lie in it even if it means it kills her. She is her own worst enemy.

Seems everyone is with regards to the last sentence of your prior post. It isn’t so bad to let lose. Heck some drink over 7 cups of coffee daily, many more eat meat in more than one meal of the day. The thing about it is, it should not become something a person NEEDS to have a good time. Not wise to drink daily in front of children (should she have any at the moment).

her children are grown and drink with her often. I have lost confidence in my sister to be a “good mom” due to her wreckless life. I don’t have a lot of room to talk either because my life is in turmoil and bad finances right now.

Hang in there, sometimes shit stinks. (It always smells though.) :wink:

I just woke up from a wonderful, life changing dream! In the dream I had stopped smoking and was flying everywhere to see my friends in Seattle and Colorado and playing all sorts of electric guitars…inspiring to me anyways. I am going to stop smoking !! (as soon as I smoke up my packs I have…haha) I’m excited !

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Wish you a wonderful day today!

thanks @green6 you are a wonderful friend !

I’m glad to hear that Angie is back. As for your sister, I recommend what they recommend in Al-Anon - “detachment with love”. Try to help your sister, but don’t let her problems get to you personally. Do what you can, but realize that she is the author of her own life, and you can’t take responsibility for her mistakes.