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Alienated by my wealthy family


I just let my family know that I won’t be coming to the family gatherings anymore. yesterday we went to lunch with my sister and my mom and they hardly acknowledged us at the lunch. they just traded showing pics on their iphones together while me and Angie sat and watched. Both my mom and my sister just got back from vacations. I just feel so very alienated by their wealthy ways. Maybe I’m making my world a little colder but I feel like I get the wind kicked out of me for a couple of days every time I see them. Screw the wealthy.


That’s annoying I must say. Fortunately my parents are upper middle class but my dads from a middle class background and my mom from lower-class…so they are somewhat humble. I don’t think they take it for granted and try to include me…they are used to turmoil in life. It is a good situation I have.

Money pisses me off for the most part except my parents are better than most. I wish they didn’t eat caviar LOL but other than that it’s not too bad. My sister is very much alike me as she enjoys the simple life too.


Sorry that your family isn’t supportive of you and Angie.
You are a real sweetheart @jukebox, and I’m sure if you picked her, Angie too, allso that makes me wonder if your family was just unsure on how, or even if they should approach you, so they errored on doing nothing.

I have found that when others don’t know what to do, they do nothing, because it’s easier than saying you’re sorry.

Did you approach them at all?


I did approach them today. They don’t think I should be with Angie because she lost her job is what I think it is. Angie is about to start interviewing tomorrow with a new job prospect. My family is cold hearted I feel. Angie has been trying hard to find a job but she is a felon so that makes it harder I guess.? I told my sister today that I’m not coming to the family functions at her mansion anymore. I always leave feeling really aware of how poor I am and it brings me down. thanks @Csummers you are a real sweetie too!


I have little experience with the wealthy. In the experience I did have they seemed a little entitled, but not too bad. I guess you can’t lump people together, though. My family is middle class, and they treat me well.


I have kind of the opposite problem. My son (diagnosed) THINKS I am very wealthy, and is always expecting to be provided with pricy things that I really can’t afford!