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Feeling sad tonight

Are YOU able to get out of the house at all? It may sound like a trivial question…

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Are YOU able to get out of the house? It may sound like a trivial question…

My partner has a sever MI, not my child.
Yet I have close friends with MI children. The kind of MI that is genetic.
And that guilt and blaming of themselves is almost the most devastating part to watch.
They blame themselves. Entirely. Almost as if they KNEW that their child would suffer no matter what and that they were the one that DID it to them.
Is that true for you? Did you KNOW and then disregard? Hope for the best?

I asked my friend once, “Do you BELIEVE that you could have controlled the outcome? Or do you somehow feel as if the way you enforced or didn’t enforce certain regulations as a parent caused the disease to exacerbate itself?”
She thought a moment.
No. I don’t think so, they said.
I understand it’s genetic…
they said.

Even in their understanding my friend KNOWS logically, that it was not their actions or raising technique of their child, YET…

They blame themselves simply on the fact that it’s genetic.
WHO TF is to blame for genetics?!?!

I’m pretty sure it’s not you and you shouldn’t hold onto that guilt.

I am able to get out to go food shopping or go to doctor’s appointments. I go to my son’s to have dinner and I do pilate’s for an hour. But that’s about it. I am afraid to leave him alone for long periods of time. I have no one to help me. I have no friends because I can’t really do much but be with him. My two sisters are in New York, they are good in helping out, but I live in Florida. I have my sons and grandkids here. At times I feel so alone.

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Well…we did close and our son participated in the move. I will write more later…just exhausted but very grateful it went as well as it did…now to drive off and leave him in the next 24 hours

I am also sad. My son diagnosed 7 years ago and is also an alcoholic. 3 weeks ago he stopped speaking to me and his sister. I worry- but know he doesn’t s showing up for his job regularly. He lives in an apartment I bought after living with us for 6 years. He is supposed to pay me rent and cable every month. When I stopped speaking to me he stopped paying. This is new behavior. I hope he makes good choices. I am praying all day everyday.