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Finally saw a therapist


As some of you know I’ve been pretty stressed out for several months and it was getting worse. Finally saw a therapist and will be seeing her for 8 visits. She seemed to understand — she’s not as old as me but not a kid so I’m cautiously optimistic. She recommended I get a book which I ordered online yesterday; “Uncovering Happiness, Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self Compassion”


That’s good. Although, don’t underestimate someone just based off on their age by the way; many people here believe me to be older, I’m actually just 18.


My therapist is 30 years younger than me but I like her. Sometimes I think I would benefit from talking to someone with more life experience, but for now she is good.


What is different about this therapist is she’s okay with me not answering questions. I really don’t want to delve into my entire life with another therapist been there done that and for me at this stage of my life not terribly helpful. I want support and help on how I can deal with stress and not allow it to bring me down. There are two small children counting on me to be totally present and that can at times overwhelm me.


My extremely qualified counselor had a very close family member with sz, so basically I lucked out there.

I have come to the place where my goal is to simply move forward as best as possible.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to be raising two small children as well. I hope you find exactly what you need @Molly