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Any good books to read about mental health?

i’m constantly looking for ways to understand and relate to other and have been looking for a good book to help with that, thanks!

If you need one for someone who needs help, but won’t get it, try “I am Not Sick, and I Don’t Need Help” by Dr. Savior Amador.
Also the free NAMI Family Education class gives you a great binder of info.


That was supposed to be Xavior Amador!

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Books on communication for home and work

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I just saw your post and your list of recommended books. Several look very good to me. Thank you!

Childhood Disrupted

How your Biography Becomes your Biology, and How You Can Heal.

I read this book to find some reassurance and condolence that I made the right decision in letting my sister in law and her husband raise my daughter since my wife is undiagnosed and unmedicated. The book helped me affirm that keeping our daughter at home could possibly expose our daughter to “toxic” environment. I believe that we got our daughter to her aunt early enough that she will not realize her mother’s condition. I just tell my daughter that she can’t live with us because mommy is"sick". Our daughter just turned 6 and has lived with her aunt since she was 3 1/2. Our daughter likely will be raised to adulthood by her aunt unless my wife gains insight. My wife has no visitation until she gets a mental health evaluation. Sorry about the lengthy dialog, I just felt I needed to tell how the book helped.

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