Frustration over forms. Dad is paranoid

I don’t know what to do. I thought when I turned 18 and moved out that my life would be easier dealing with my dad who is schizophrenic. My mom still suffers because he refuses to fill out any paperwork for any reason whatsoever. The are having a hard time surviving financially because he can’t work because of his schizophrenia and he’s paranoid that the government is looking through his trashcan. my mother can’t work very much because of her health they would qualify for food stamps but my dad refuses to fill out the paperwork. now they are going to sell her house but they have nowhere to go because he again refuses to fill out the paperwork or let anyone else put his name on any papers. I seriously do not know what I am going to do please help me.

Hi Pinkpeony…sounds like they would be eligible for everything. Can your mom fill out the paperwork ( maybe with your help ) for herself and your dad

No. Like I said, he won’t let anyone fill out the forms.


Hello, please bare with me… I am a lifeguard. sometimes when an adult is injured they REFUSE to let us help them. They get really insistent. We call 911 and the paramedics come and this insistent person then gets very compliant quickly.

You might need to call in some outside human help. I’d say start with NAMI to find a group in your area.

look up local mental health service and YOU go or your Mom. I Understand your father won’t let anyone fill out the forms. But you are allowed to leave the house and talk to people. You don’t have to say that a visiting nurse is there for your Dad. You could say the visiting nurse is there for your MOM who just happens to know enough about Sz to help your Dad.

It’s really time to bring in a pro. I understand, your asking HOW?

You might have to do some leg work with DSHS and see what resources are out there.

I found this link under google- Free mental health services.

I also found this line too
If your in the U.S.

It’s time for some outside ideas. Your Dad won’t let you fill in the paper work, but he can’t stop you from using the phone. Maybe a pro with years of experience will help your family overcome this first paperwork hurdle.

I hope the best for you and your family.

I just don’t understand why if a person has schizophrenia and it affects every single person around them and including them, that someone is not appointed that can act in legal or financial matters.

Unfortunately things like that don’t happen automatically. Your mom should be able to get some sort of power of attorney or guardianship so that she can make these decisions on her own, without his signature. I don’t know how hard this is to get but perhaps it is something to look into.

Is your dad in any type of treatment or on medications?

No. He denies having it. I’m sorry but when you drive your kids around town to show them where your fellow employees live and make your kids duck in the back of the car and tell them that if any of the employees see you that he could lose his job- that’s schizophrenic. When that child who is now an adult can’t come visit her own mother half the time because “police are watching the house”- that is schizophrenic. The doctor said he was and my dad got so angry that my dad will only acquiesce to having schizoid personality. It’s like because he is a real jerk, everyone doesn’t want to deal with him, even if there are innocent people involved. I never told anyone growing up because I was so embarrassed. I never thought anyone could help me. There needs to be something in place to get kids out of that kind of situation.


I am so sorry of what you are going through. It sounds like you could use some extra support. Have you called NAMI just for you and join a support group for family members who have someone in the family with a mental illness. I hear your pain and frustration. Maybe you can stop worrying about your parents and help yourself first before you can help them. Sometimes we can’t save the people we love the most.