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General hospital policy in the event of patient aggressiveness to staff

My twenty year daughter was admitted to private psychiatry hospital recently. Nursing staff reported to us parents that one of their staff nurse was attacked by our daughter. Our daughter torn her “Expensive T-Shirt”. We are being asked to pay for the cost since we brought her there and we are responsible to her. Problem is we dont have the money now but we like know if anybody knows general hospital policy on such incidents?

I don’t think they have any legal basis to come after you. You’re daughter is an adult and you are not responsible for her. Shame on them.

thanks Warrior1, so comforting to hear that.

Correctly stated above, you are not liable.

Often clinical staff wears scrubs with tees underneath. Expensive? Then they are foolish to wear to work as a nurse in my opinion.

Not sure I have this correct, but it was nursing staff, not hospital admin staff who made this request? If it was nursing staff that made this request, I would speak to hospital administration.

If it was hospital administration, I would wonder just what they expect from patients. Sometimes psych patients have outbursts. Sometimes chemo patients puke on nurses. Sometimes ostomy patients bags explode. It is part of the job. SMH.

Dear thereisalwayshope,
nursing staff was demanding payment for the torn-dress on before of her fellow nursing staff who was the “victim”

Then the nursing staff was out of line and should be reported. I am sure the hospital has procedures for employees who have things like these happen and direct contact with next of kin is not how it is handled. Now the cynic in me is wondering if there is some type of scam going on here…having a family member hospitalized for any reason is stressful and expensive enough with something like this going on.

Thanks thereisalwayshope.