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Paying for hospital / care stays

If a loved one has to spend several weeks in hospital receiving treatment how do you as family members pay for that? Does your medical insurance pay for it?

My wife got admitted to hospital 12 months ago and stayed there for 6 weeks. Half way through I received a letter from the insurance company saying they weren’t going to pay more than the first couple of weeks, but eventually in the end they did.
But the total hospital bill for just 6 weeks stay was $360K.
If she has to get admitted again and the insurance company won’t pay that is a totally ruininous amount of bill I’d be faced with.

How do those of you with a family member who’s been in and out of treatment for years manage with medical finances?

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You may be able to sigh up for Medicare

Going for Medicare is your best bet. Or you can pay them 50 to 100 monthly. Just tell them that it is all you can afford now. Hospital can’t really do anything to you if you can’t pay back.

I have found, with my daughter’s 5 hospitalizations, that most hospitals will take a very minimal payment plan monthly on whatever health insurance didn’t pay. Some will reduce or forgive a significant portion or all of a debt if you ask/apply. Bshan is right from my perspective, no one is dunning me or my daughter for her past unpaid bills.

There are three hospitals close to me that have psych units. One is where most ambulances take force hospitalized mentally ill when they are Baker Acted here in Florida. They take patients without health insurance or ability to pay. That hospital will send the patient out to another hospital if the patient has health insurance, where their health insurance is accepted.

I make sure I have health insurance for my daughter, but I guess I am “lucky” as I can get Obamacare insurance for her while I am still working, since I am not that well paid. When I stop working, she will no longer qualify as you have to make a certain amount to get Obamacare. I am trying to get her SSI/SSDI now and then medicare/medicaid.