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Going public with a diagnosis of schizophrenia





This video helped me. My daughter was diagnosed when she was 20 although she probably could have earlier. She is 28 now. She can’t escape her mind and uses DXM to forget about it. She is extremely paranoid. She now doesn’t trust me. I am her support system. She has been in the hospital 4 times since Feb. 2016. I keep trying to get her to agree to a dual diagnosis treatment center because her drug use stops her from taking her medicine. She has given up trying to stop the drug. She says it is the only way to stop her delusions, voices, and paranoia. Yet she doesn’t realize that the drug only makes it worse. In this county she can only get drug counseling or mental health counseling - not both at the same time. My husband died 3 months ago so now it is just me. Neither of us have had time to grieve. I am new to this site and already appreciate what I have read.