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Just a mom worried

So… I know this isn’t easy. My Daugher is 24. She pretty much snapped 2 weeks ago. I’m convinced it’s schizophrenia. I have 3 people with it in my family. My mom being 1… Aunt & uncle

My daughter ended up at the hospital. It was that or jail. That night, she called & asked to be picked up. No big deal. She’s been in trouble before.

On the way home, she said to take her back, she thought she was giving birth. That wasn’t the case. I knew then & there what was wrong. Unfortunately, my mom is schizophrenic: so is my aunt and uncle.

I know there’s hope for my daughter: my mom is nearly 60… There wasn’t much hope in the 80’s.

How do I convince my husband & family? That this isn’t living in an institution? My daughter is 24. I know there’s hope. Thankful that meds have come so far

She hasn’t been diagnosed yet. But I know… part of me is scared. It’s shes still my daughter. But I told my husband… think of it like a broken leg in your head.

Yeah. It’s scary: but, so is cancer. I tried telling them, schizophrenia isn’t a bad word.

I’m not making no sense lol. I’m just as worried.

But I’m not gonna sit here and sugarcoatst stuff. Hospital trying to tell everyone it’s postpartum.

I know it’s not that.


Hearing voices
She thinks people are after her
She hasn’t asked about her kids ( she’s a very caring mom) but no longer cares
No sleep
Accused me of not being her mom & im a con
Asks for her dads identification. And even then, he’s not who he is.
She goes in & out of reality

That’s not postpartum. But the drs say it’s a rare form of postpartum. Ugh

I’m scared… But I’m not scared of the schizophrenia diagnosis. She’s my daughter. Of course I’m scared. But no one wants to hear the “s” sord. Like it’s taboo,& shameon me for thinking otherwise.

When she was 18. She used to follow cops. I admit I was in denial then. I can’t go back in history and think? Why didn’t I see the signs… it’s not fair for anyone to beat themselves up.

Anyways. Hi. I just want to know I’m not alone.

I wanna fix her & I can’t. But yeah.

Unfortunately, I grew up with this disease/illness.

I now blame myself for having kids & passing it on.


You aren’t alone Linajjac, there are so many of us. I hope your daughter’s psychosis does turn out to be postpartum related - surely that is possible? A family friend of mine has had extreme delusions after both of their children were born.

Its good that you are prepared for a schizophrenia diagnosis in case that is how it turns out.

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Hello @Linajjac and all,
Welcome to the forum, there are many worried parents here on this site.
My son was never diagnosed with an illness, but I always felt something was wrong. Not knowing any of my family history. I wish I was more aware as well. It’s a long story.
I can also relate to the feeling of passing on the gene pool, my youngest daughter is rethinking having children, it’s understandable to feel guilt.
Glad you are here, give us an update about your daughter. AnnieNorCal