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Gradual improvement on Clozapine

Marlboro Reds, LOL! I would do the same, no problem! My son was a nightmare for 3 years before I demanded - and I mean calling the hospital 6 times a day until on day 12 the doctor finally calls me back and I DEMANDED so loudly that Clozapine be implemented. Saved his life, now 3 years later and NO hospital stays - 13 had piled up quickly w/out Clozapine. It is the GOLD standard and more doctors need to get educated on this miracle drug! I too have come to accept that it is what it is and it’s ok - took years though. Cheers to you Jeff!


I fought hard and got Clozapine for my grandson. You got to fight for it. First they want them to try 2 other psychotics before they will consider them treatment resistant. This is so stupid since clozapine works best


@lindaS how sedating is clozapine?

The nicotine has a big role in. Liza pine level . He still has symptoms . Able to take classes and doing ok with his grades .

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