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He's FINALLY getting treatment...(Clozaril ? )

He finally agreed to be admitted on Monday. Yesterday the social worker called me with an update. He’s not hiding his symtoms, as he’s apparently been yelling at his voices in there also. They put him on Clozaril. Then he called in an irritated mood. Asked if this was really his wife or her clone. Talked for maybe 5 mins and then got off, and said he would check into video chatting. Didn’t hear from him again. I’m heading there today to take clean clothes (can’t visit due to the virus, which totally sucks).

I was told we’d have a family meeting before he was discharged so I’m guessing he won’t be coming home today. I want the meds to kick in and make sure they work before he comes home. He probly thinks I don’t want him home - I miss hi alot but I don’t want to have to do this again.

Anyone know how long the meds take to kick him and he feels like a whole person again?


Clozaril worked for my son after many others did not. It’s a slow process but week worth it.

@Marfar77 Ask the doctor. Google the manufacturer information for the medication. Each drug is different. Often they build efficacy over a period of several months. People on this Forum, including me, note that their loved one continues to improve on Clozapine even years later. Also, early side effects may dissipate after a few weeks or months. Some may not. There are some good posts on this Forum about Clozapine. I encourage you to read them.

Clozaril’s great. I hope his white blood cell counts are ok though, long term.

As for my son,it worked from the second or third day…
Do you know how much is he taking?
What was his absolute neutrophil count?
And is he taking anything else with it?

I’m so glad your son is finally getting treatment. My mom who’s suffered from SZ her whole life has only gotten better on Clozaril. Typically, in the past at least, you would have to try several other psych meds before trying it because there is a small risk in white blood cell count depletion. But I have to say my mom has been on it since it came out (around the early 1970s) and she has never had a problem with this. Unfortunately your son will need to have regular blood draws but if he doesn’t mind that the results are well worth the blood draw. Typically it can take a week or two to start seeing improvements. And depending on how sick he was before he started the meds will determine how long it will take for him to get to an improved mental state. Like all good things, it takes time and patience. I hope this helps and I hope you can get some time to yourself and recharge your batteries. Being a caretaker can be exhausting. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to visit him during the virus. I found my mom actually did better when she could focus on herself. Family can bring on all sorts of emotions. You can always send him a card with a funny joke inside or a picture of something he loves. Also, I hope you have Happy Mother’s Day and know you are a good mama and doing your best.


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Thanks for the reply. Its actually my husband, not my son. And yes, I understand he got lucky to try this med so early on, before trying a bunch of other meds. He plans on the frequent blood draws and taking it as prescribed (I will probly count his meds for a while). He’s been in a week and coming home tomorrow. The dr really wanted him to stay for another week but hubs wants to come home tomorrow and since he checked himself in and he’s no danger, he can check himself out. So, I pick him up at 10 am tomorrow.

Thanks for ur response!


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They started him on 50mg 2x a day and they’re bumping him up slowly to get to 450mg 2x a day? Or maybe its 450mg per day? He is also taking 300mg of Seroquel at nite. He’s been on that for about 25 yrs. They kept that the same. He’ll be home tomorrow so I can actually see what his script says. I only know what he has said. His dr never called me back all week. He has a video appt with a new psych on Wed (I’m a little uncomfortable with the video appt for a psych but I guess we all have to roll with it). His new therapist will see him in person the following week. So thats good at least. I don’t know what his labs showed, I’m guessing they were normal, as they started him on the meds.

Thanks for ur reply!


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I’m so glad your husband agreed to treatment, Marci. That is wonderful news.

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Clozaril didn’t work for my son but he’s resistant to medications - and he smokes which affects the rate at which certain dosages work. The part about the clone is something I always found interesting (although irritating) and is something called the Capgras syndrome. They believe that someone took over the body of a loved one so they tend to doubt anything that person says. It is very common. They have to increase the Clozaril over a period of time because of the bloodwork involved so be sure to question them if they release him too soon. My son’s bloodwork was done monthly after he came home until he was taken off. Clozaril has since been given a higher level of warning because of the side affects. Hope it works better for your husband - you never know - it could be the one! Best wishes.

How are things going, @Marfar77? I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you and your husband are doing better.

Typically patients begin at a low dose of Clozapine and the dose is increased slowly over several weeks. This seems to be worthy info on Clozapine and dosing Best wishes!!