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Grasping for help

@NeverTooLate Can I “like” this a dozen times? This is what I think so many people so desperately need to hear! And it wasn’t just the shot that worked for your daughter. It was your diligence to establish and keep boundaries that helped to keep her on the med! And she understood that you were serious but she could trust you and know that you were pulling for her! I’d love to see you re-post this as a helpful topic of what CAN WORK! Thank you for this encouraging story! We have hope!!


Yep. It was critical to make it clear to my son that this one thing - med compliance - was non-negotiable. I provide him a comfortable place to live, good food to eat, and some extras to make his life pleasant. He must stay on his meds.


I took the family to family 12 week course and it changed my life. I didn’t feel alone anymore and gave so much useful information. I also get the NAMI email newsletters from areas I live around. Q

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How are you @Blackbird23 ? You haven’t been here for a few weeks. Has the hospital helped your loved one?

Yes, @Butterfly NAMI really came through for me in a dire emotional time. I felt lost however when the 12 week course ended as everyone went their separate ways, and didn’t even come much back to the support groups. The last support group I went to, the meeting was cancelled without notice, and the few of us who showed up stayed and talked to each other. I needed to talk face to face that night with someone who understood where I was.

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Beg for clozapine. It will get his life back. Better they do it in a hospital so they can get him up to a therapuetic dose quicker. My grandson took seroquel, geodon, zyprexa, resperidal along with depokote, lithium and NOTHING helped him. My friend worked at a state mental hospital and the pdocs there told her for me to get him on Clozapine. My grandson was out of control taking drugs couldnt sleep cause of voices and all the crazy stuff. He finally ended up getting arrested and his pdoc finally decided to try Clozapine. They can bring your dose up faster in a hospital so within a week he was better he said 90% of voices were gone. And over time he kept getting better. Today he works has friends and he just made a big move and he has done fine. I had to keep on the doc for 2 years before he did anything but nothing worked this did. Also the lithium helped keep his white blood count up when it dropped for a bit but he no longer takes that. He only takes Clozapine350 and Lamictal and he leads a good life now. Best of luck

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