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Hurting and confused

Good evening. My boyfriend has schizophrenia, ptsd and depression. He’sbeen diagnosed way b4 i meant him. I start noticing this last year 2017. His friend got killed n its been down hill. He stop eating,drinking, talking not bathing. I took him to the hospital 2 times. Last time he swallowed the whole bottom of Xprexxa. Mind u i am the person in charge of his medical decisions. I use to call his family friends text even contact on Facebook messenger. They would look at the message not reply or my fav ''well we all have problems what do u want me to do" Cool!! Never went to see him the hospital even the last time when he attempted suicide. They told me he may wake up or may not. He came home n still didn’t take his pills. Now i have anxiety, depression and OCD which i take meds and still get up cause i have 2 young boys. Friday morning a week ago he took my son to my brother for school n i haven’t seen him since! I broke his phone last week so he can’t call smh. He hasn’t been on Fb. Like i know schizophrenia u can’t communicate but c’mon i took care of u made sure u was always good! Mind u he’s been in and out of jail before I’ve met him(i really didn’t want to tell that part) but i need answers. He hears voices its js been horrible!! I text his sis,bro not answers. Like their blaming me. I go thur diffent emotions all day!! I read that’s one of the signs of this illness where’s tho the withdrawal. I’m trying to move on its hard. 3 yrs we been! Help me plz​:cry::cry::cry:one min I’m fine the next I’m screaming!!

Hello, I’m sorry for all you are going through and hoping you will be able to take care of yourself.

Yes, social withdrawal is a sign of this illness, but it’s still painful when people we love do not contact us. We need to learn how to care for ourselves and regain the strength to live our lives in the best way possible.

It sounds like you are having a really hard time; I hope you can sleep okay, eat healthy food and comfort food, and find somewhere you feel happy and can have fun with your young boys.