Gummy vitamins?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: tldr I’m looking for advice about schizophrenia-friendly supplements that are available in a gummy form.

I have a loved one who has been experiencing symptoms very similar to sz for a little over a year now. Having learned about the LEAP method, I’m backing way off pushing for diagnosis or treatment, but I’ve read about how important it is to get treatment early.
While my loved one isn’t open to medication, he is okay with vitamins where we each take one so he knows it isn’t poisoned. I’ve read about different supplements (like sarcosine, fish oil, methylfolate, etc) that people take to help with brain health in sz, but the problem is that he has trouble with pills. Does anyone know any gummy vitamins that are heavy on the kinds of things that help with sz? I know they won’t stop delusions, I’m just worried about his longterm brain health.

No but i heard about magnesium diffeciencies and others …and my daughter looked at things that help adhd and say schitzophrenia

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That’s an interesting thought! Maybe my first step should be to suggest a blood panel to see if there are any deficiencies and work from there. I have ADHD so I already have magnesium supplements around, and I’ve read studies suggesting that prenatal vitamin D levels are related, so that might also be a thing in adulthood.

Yes, If I can get my son to try them, thats the hard part. I read castor oil, and fish oils, and such can help.