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Help! I want to heal schizophrenia

Does anybody have a list of supplements that have helped with schizophrenia that someone should be taking everyday?
Herbs?amino acids?vitamins?
Has anybody fully recovered from this illness with spiritual practices such as intense dzgochen and tantric meditations and yogic practices along with high prajnic foods?
Please let me know your feed back…
Currently on 117mgs of invega started at 251mg
Doing incredibly well still
On the journey to get off completely
Has anyone done ayuascha for this and have gotten the guidance from a lama and shaman?
I’ve heard in some cases schizophrenia is only temporary .ive also heard that some percentage of people heal from it…


Consult with a holistic minded psychiatrist if you can find one. At the very least consult with your own doctor before adding any supplements to any psychiatric meds because there can sometimes be very harmful and unintended interactions. From my own experience with my sz son the most important ingredients to add to a prescribed medicine protocol is: eliminating stress, getting quality sleep, good healthy diet, lots of water and exercise as tolerated. A dependable daily routine also goes a long way toward stability. Having your family doctor check your vitamin levels like D, B and your iron also can help discover if there are any deficiencies that need to be addressed. The fact that the Invega is working so well is a cause for celebration.



The only way most people can practice those meditations is on retreat with strong foundations in basic practices all taught and responded to by a true teacher.

No one with any type of psychosis disorder would benefit from these meditations without 100% support and physical presence of a teacher, along with a suitable amount of previous meditation experience.

PM me if you want to talk about this stuff.

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I just pmed you
Thank you for your reply!

Catherine thank you very much for your response
We are incorporating all of that… and taking your advice to heart
I appreciate you sharing!

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We are taking
L theanine
Acetyl l carnitine
L trytophan
Vitamin B complex which has niacin
Omega 3 supplement preferably from algae
Green drink with farmers market fruits and vegetables
We’ve read research on how the gut health is related to the brain
So probiotics as well
We are take Adaptogenic mushrooms
Our favorite for the brain is lions main
But we take lots of different kinds of Adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms
Have a very productive schedule made to ensure that cardio vascular exercise (which is amazing for the brain),incorporating reading wisdom of the tantric tradition and writing
Lots of spiritual practices like crystal healing and shaminstic practices also vajrayana practices
We have to make sure that we eat good and sleep well everyday
But it’s been highly phenomenal results…
The results are so good we are opening a YouTube channel from our journey
Even if schizophrenia isn’t healed
It at the very least is managed
And I will be very careful not to use blanket statements
I believe each person has there own karma to work out…
I would like to see other people’s opinion on other healing modalities that can be used here that is not listed
Please message me with helpful information!
Thank you very much!
And many blessings :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention that we are also attempting to find a holistic healer for psycho therapy…
Maria wants to mention that meditation and yoga have been very profound in her transformation in trasforming phenomena

I am very interested in these “alternatives”…if I can get my son to take them. What brands do you use as not all are created equal, what is the regimen…I know it would differ for each person, fyi my son is 200lbs not fat though, where do you get the adaptogenic mushrooms? Thank you for your answer . Peace.

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San Francisco has a really good place that sells high quality mushrooms!
Host defense is a good brand as well!
You can message me if you have anymore questions!
I’ve read research on DLPA and contra indications while taking with anti psychotics

People with sz have low levels of vit B, C and D. Vit. C is a potent antioxidant, vit D regulates Calcium levels inside cells (this process is disregulated in sz). Vit C can be taken at 1 g a day.

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