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New to the Group - Son with Schizoaffective/Bipolar

I was lurking through the forum and saw several posts that reflect similarly to my situation. My 29 y/o son suffers with schizoaffective disorder/ bipolar type. I wish I could say that things are going well, but like many of you, they are not. I saw the post about homeopathic remedies and had never seen anything that said it works for these illnesses. My hopes suddenly shot up only to read further about the lack of actual scientific evidence. Too bad. I really need a cure for him. I wish there were one. I haven’t been able to get him to stay on the meds he’s been subscribed and it seems as if he is getting worse with paranoid delusions, delusions of grandeur, disassociated speech, etc., etc. Anyway, I’m hoping for… I no longer know what I’m hoping for. I’ll just continue to keep looking for ways to help my son, but in the state I live in, that’s not an easy thing.

Hi Tuck, welcome to the forum. Sometimes all we can do is hope. I’d pretty much given up, when things came together in society to get my daughter (age 34) onto meds that worked. It’s just been 4 months now… Before that it was 3 years of psychosis. During the unmedicated years, I bought homeopathics for her, which she took for a while and then stopped. I used them 30 years ago, at the recommendation of my doctor, back when my children were babies. The problem is getting our loved ones to take any drugs/medicine/supplements when they are psychotic and in denial of being ill. Keep on visiting here, you may find what you need here. Minimally, we can help you hope.

Welcome to the forum, Tuck,

You are doing well by actively reaching out and searching for alternatives or any help.

I can only speak from experience with my unmedicated husband. He will not take doctor prescribed medicine after having been in a State Hospital for years and has no interest in alternatives other than medical marijuana (but usually ends up smoking whatever he can find off the street, which is NOT helpful, in fact is the opposite for him).

If your son is completely against taking the meds, see if he will try alternatives. There are several threads on this forum and also on a sister forum on the schizophrenia dot com website that address possibilities. You may have to do a lot of research and try to decide which are the worst symptoms and which need addressing right away. If he is willing to try a natural therapy, that might be your best option.

Otherwise, if the symptoms continue to grow worse, perhaps corresponding with your son’s doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist would help? Make sure to take care of yourself as well. Best wishes to you and your family! :green_heart:


The only thing that worked for my son has been mandatory monthly injections/invega. He is on that (for now) as he’s on probation for a traffic violation and resisting arrest. I too tried alternatives which he would not take. He said he didn’t smoke spice (which I found in his room) and that is one street drug to stay away from. Once I told him it could do irreparable damage he stopped. (Only because I gave him pot, which made things bad as well). Is there any way you can get him back in the hospital and on medication? I had to get a mandatory health hold on my son. The cops had to come and take him to the hospital.

Welcome to the forum!
Sorry to hear things aren’t going well.

Schizo-effective (SzA) is a really tough disorder.
My brother is struggling with that as well.
I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to hear me say that it usually comes with a variety of other disorders, such as manic-depressive, PTSD and others.
I had no idea it was possible for a person to experience mania and depression at the same time until it began happening to my brother.
It’s a monster.

Treatment is really the big challenge. More specifically, helping the diagnosed person (Dx’d) to see how much they could benefit from getting more help.
I have persisted for about 5 years to try to get my brother to live a healthy lifestyle and to attend treatment in the form of out patient group and individual therapy, along with regular psychiatrist visits and having someone help him manage medication.
After all of his experiences, it is blatantly obvious to me that he feels safe more often and has much more independence and happiness with those things.
But he still doesn’t believe in the power of the simple, obvious solutions.

It’s a challenge to help him exercise, eat a healthy diet, structure his day around positive activities and treatment.
It seems like he often simply wants to be idle, or to be alone with his thoughts. This is contradicted by his desire to be independent and achieve goals he plans for his future self.
It’s frustrating.

I know you probably know what witnessing a loved one struggle with all of these things is like.

Dx’d people often think they can handle it themselves. And often, they are unaware of how chaotic, disorganized and unhealthy their choices turn out to be.

I guess, if it weren’t that way, none of us would need to be here.

I (obviously) personally believe that the same things that seem apparent are the same things that do the most good. Therapy, diet, exercise, healthy routine and (usually) medication taken exactly as prescribed.
As for answers on how to help a Dx’d person to participate in those things… I am about as useless as anyone.

I don’t believe we have anything more than civil commitment (involuntary via petition through the Probate Court). He’s been committed on 5 separate occasions, but the last three times I’ve tried, he’s been able to beat the system by going “baseline” as the courts call it. IOW, he behaves long enough to get past the mandatory evaluation period. Around here, only the Probate Judge can effect a civil commitment. So, he’s learned how to get past the involuntary commitment process. Thanks for the reply.

Thank you for the recommendation. My ex-wife is a nurse, so she’s not really a fan of alternative treatments and she’s has guardianship over him. I don’t. I’ll look into the supplements, but from what I’ve read, sarcosine is the compound that appears to be most effective for this type disorder.

Thank you for you considerations. My son refuses any medications that would treat his illness. He currently has no doctor as he does not want to admit he’s ill. We are trying to get him to go to a free clinic that has a doctor that comes around once a week. He still refuses even after we told him this doctor would prescribe an anxiety medications like Xanax or Ativan. Still no go.

My grandson did and clozapine saved his life. Back to work making friends

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