Has anyone seen mania combined with Schizophrenia?

My wife, three and a half years ago exhibited classic signs of SZ, with delusions which required a hospitalization as she was hearing voices and said that they were capable of killing her.

Her SZ comes and goes and it’s obvious when she is bad.

But now she is in a period where she drinks about 4-5 drinks every other day, doesn’t drink anything the next, and goes on a bender once a week where (when I am out) will take the car and go drinking and then drive home.

She talks constantly to herself and is doing alot of research on the internet on names and numbers and makes these crazy links between those things, all harmless. She dances from time to time. She said her head itched too much so she shaved most of it off.

She seems really almost bipolar from what I read. She thinks nothing is wrong with her and appears to be functional to others so I can’t get her into treatment.

I don’t know what to do about the drinking thing. I can hide the keys from her I suppose.

There is a lot of overlap in bipolar and schizophrenia - so I wouldn’t be surprised. Yes - definitely take the keys away as this could really ruin you financially if she crashes the car and hurts someone.

Have you talked to her doctor about her manic symptoms?

We have many people in the diagnosed forums that have had their diagnosis changed from sz to bipolar or vise versa over the years - so I think this is quite common.