Hate the holidays now

Hi @Peter_Angelo . Welcome to the site and good for posting!

Holidays can be downers for people in general. I’ve learned to treat myself well on holidays to counter the downside. I bought myself a Valentine bouquet this year, the flowers cheered me up as handled my “holiday worry” even though no one else got me a Valentine!

I will have to check into that. Thank you

Wow, a divider huh? I wish he would stay in that section. He is always going outside to smoke. Also when in the throes of a psychotic episode, he likes to get in your personal space.

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We have had posters who made sure they could sleep at night with sturdy doors and locks and large fans, whatever it takes. Lock yourself inside.

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Yes @Tippy, our divider was a wall with a door that could be locked from our side keeping her in the part of the house that had her room and her bathroom. She couldn’t use the living room or kitchen at night as they were in our part of the house. I got a tiny fridge for her room so she had food an drink. I had a “noise machine” that I turned on at night to make ocean noises on our side of the door that divided our house into basically two “apartments”. From her bedroom, we took out a window and put in a door so she could still go outside at night as she liked to wander the city alone in the dark hours.

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I’m so amazed that SSA hasn’t settled on his favor. But there’s so many twists on the help for our loved ones these days.

Yes, psychosis goes away as magic when the police shows up.

The forum is helpful for each one of us, especially when we want to ‘vent’.

We have plenty of company, sometimes this is the only place where I find understanding.

oldladyblue, that’s something my son was doing: going out at night, wandering, walking uphill in the dark; it was very concerning for the other tenants and for us, so I bought a reflective vest for my son to wear and he never wore it; he just threw it away.

Their mind is very similar and puzzling.

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