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Have Any Good Small Projects?

Just thought I would share this here. I recently went to one of those painting parties. It was a fundraiser for an animal rescue group. Everyone sent in photos beforehand, and arrived to a prepared canvas,kind of like paint-by-numbers, to paint the picture in ‘Pop Art’ style.

I am going to try to get my son to do one of these from a picture of his dad’s beloved cat. (This is one of my cats.)


That’s really cool!

My son is a pretty good artist, so he’d think paint-by-numbers is beneath him - he wouldn’t even use a coloring book as a kid. Then, no matter how good his work is, he thinks everyone else is better than him.

And, this is from someone who won some very nice regional awards for his art in high school.

He is enjoying the music group they have in the hospital. No instruments (he plays a couple by ear, but never got the hang of reading music other than some basic guitar tabs), but he says they’re singing some pretty good songs.

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I’m going to get my son a drum (one that you use your hands) I think that making music is so therapeutic and so is art.

We have a couple types of drums you can play with your hands.

My favorite one was a steel drum where it makes different tones depending on where you hit it - like they do in the islands. It’s easy to play & even if you don’t know what you’re doing, it doesn’t sound too bad.

My son also has some bongos & they’re easy too, but I don’t like the sound as much as the tinkly steel drum.

We also got him a real ukulele from the music store - they’re not too expensive & fairly easy to play. Well, for him - not for me.

Those little electronic keyboards are fun too & you can learn simple tunes pretty easy if you follow the book.

My son’s got a new interest in plants since he kind of fell in love with the peaceful vibe at our local greenhouse.

He’s sleeping, but I’m going to see if he wants to build a couple of these with me:

It’s like a passive hyrdroponics kind of thing - and who doesn’t love fresh strawberries?


It might sound silly but me and my son color. It’s quite relaxing. I print neat pictures off at work, then we have a pile to color. It’s kinda funny that he will only color round patterned ones. My husband even started a page. And we hike on weekends. We love that. We have also stated walking after I get home from work.

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Those are great ideas.

My son actually walked about 5 minutes down a walking trail at our local park last weekend before he decided he needed to go back to the car. It wasn’t the walking, it was because we had passed a few people coming back out & we were going deeper into the woods. The next day he asked to go to the cemetary. It was a little cold, so not many people there, it’s all wide open, and there’s some pretty cool statues and stuff. Plus, he’s been missing his grandfather and his grave is there.

Unfortunately coloring won’t work. My son wouldn’t even color like that when he was little - he’s gifted artistically, or was, and it’s not creative enough for him. He doesn’t quite get why someone would want to do it. I’m hoping he’ll recover some of his talent. It’s not that he can’t do anything anymore, but he lacks the focus right now.

In high school, he was pretty much manic the whole time and still won several silver awards at the regional scholastics competition for his artwork. I can’t imagine how well he could have done if he had been healthy. That’s the part of him I mourn the most - the lost potential and the loss of something he enjoyed so much and was so proud of. He recently said he’s forgotten how to draw, which isn’t quite true. However, now he kind of sticks with caricatures instead of portraits.

Last time he was in the hospital, he felt good enough to draw some of the other patients one night and it sounded like everyone was entertained by it.

This looks really interesting.

My son sometimes gets a bit frustrated because he has a hard time figuring out which color to use next. And it takes him days to color the designs. The medicine really takes away his ability to think and make decisions. I understand your pain. My son was an honor student. He could figure out physics problems that I had no idea why people would care to know the answers! It’s painful to watch. But I guess I’m greedy? At least on the meds he’s not trying to kill himself every day. So that’s a positive :grinning: maybe eventually your son will get back into his art again. My son finds it distracting from the thoughts. We do puzzles also. And trust me I never thought in a million years I would be saying those words! My boy gets bored though. Walking around a cemetery I think is still a positive. You two are bonding, it’s excersise, and you get to talk about grandpa. :heart: