Have guadianship - son is a flight risk.....has anyone had this happen?

Have any of you had guardianship and experienced your loved one leaving?

As some of you know from my prior posts, we received guardianship in December of my 20yo son. He was diagnosed last November, had a hospitalization in July, and all along has not been willing to take any medication. He has very little insight, and we noticed he has been searching for “cheap bus tickets”.

I wondered what guardianship would provide, obligates us to, or represent as a liability when and if he were to take off? I have a call into the attorney, but she is out on family leave through Monday. I am trying to see what we have the ability to do, plan for what we should do, if something like that happens.

Go to the police station and see if there’s a way for him not be allowed to mount on any bus and explain why. Like a temporary ban would be acceptable, I think.

My impression is that it would be kind of like if a teenager runs away from home. There is a process to file for a missing person and some other steps you can take. The guardianship should allow you to find out where he is (if you yourself look) if he gets hospitalized somewhere else or is in a shelter or someplace else. No one will call you up and tell you where he is unless he is in the database and police or others locate him, but you have more ability to find him when you look…

The obligation as guardian is for the ward’s safety, health, and to foster as much independence as possible. That’s all you can do and people understand that your son is still autonomous regardless of whether these papers exist.

I hope he doesn’t leave.