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Guardianship or Limited guardianship

My son who has schizophrenia can manage his life pretty well as long as he is on his meds. Whenever my son stops taking his meds he doesn’t think as
Clear. I’m trying to decide on getting guardianship or limited guardianship on him. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Haven’t completed it yet but have researched it in Texas. He’s 19 and very capable when MED compliant. But that’s a big *when/if!!

Several ‘experts’ said ‘Get guardianship!’. Which raised my anxiety although who knew that was possible when my anxiety persists at a constant DEFCON 8.

Anyway, my research indicated that it would be a MAJOR PITA to secure and keep legal guardianship. It appeared to include constant, at least annual, ‘refreshing’, and seemed, to me, not to be worth the pain.

I’d love to hear from some more experienced to see if the process is worthwhile. Thanks for posting.

Yes I am 100% behind getting legal guardianship. For me personally it was a real blessing and allowed me to intervene and override my son’s refusals for help when he was really ill. Today (10 years later) he is much better and very stable and can do most things for himself BUT I have kept the guardianship just as a protective measure, in case something happens which is always a possibility with mental illness.

Truth is I realize that as years go by with no setbacks (which is my fervent hope) I will eventually have to let the guardianship go because I don’t want to die with it in place. I believe that would cause a whole bunch of problematic issues for my son even greater than losing me and I have no one else to step into the role that he trusts.

With the good progress my son has made I feel strongly that when the time is right he will be okay on his own. I am fortunate that my son has never taken the stance (so far) of ever wanting to stop his medication. I am so fortunate in that way. He is fearful of the voices and the medicine has rid him of them so it’s worked out well to keep him “pro” medicine. I wish you well going forward.


I strongly recommend guardianship. My son was off meds and totally out of control for years until we were able to get guardianship we were not able to get him any help as(he is his own guardian. Per police , med personal etc). We were able to finally get him him into the hospital for a prolonged period of time(3 mos). And he is on a half old injection monthly which we have input on if he wants to change it. He is doing great,has a job for the first time in 15 years and a delight to be around. Prayers for you this is a devastating illness


Is this group still going ?? March 16, 2021. Just checking… I can be emailed at Sue L

I’m part of a support group at our closest state mental hospital. Each month (pre-COVID) they would have a guest speaker attend and one month it was an attorney from their legal department. They mentioned looking into a plenary guardianship so that will be the one I’ll look into first. :palm_tree:

I need to look that up. Plenary guardianship Still learning how to negotiate this

Best thing I ever did for my brother and family. He lives in a nursing home, he is medicated, safe, and gets adequate care. Life has been much better after 35 years on a roller coaster ride. Do not wait until he is in his 50’s to take action.


How did your son on his meds?