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Have I ever said how exceptional my sister is?

She keeps her issues to herself and I’ve never really gelled with her
It’s all been very distant and many arguments
Her trauma and alcoholism has made her also detached and aloof and we all now walk on some pretty scary eggshells
We are all pretty frightened of her these days

In her art though… she is exceptional
She has Twice been shortlisted for the Taylor Westinghouse Portrait Prize. The holy grail of photography competitions to be selected
Where 60 photos are chosen from thousands with entries from, all over the world.

She is an archetype of troubled genius

And she is so far gone now, for the last 8 years
I’ve not cared if she lives or dies at times
I feel heartless for this but I’ve been through this before with our middle sister dying in an accident … after 12 years Of constant psychosis

I’ve underrated her so much
She is someone worth getting to know
But now so unknowable in her total insanity

I can relate , @three.

My schizophrenic sister was an incredibly talented young musician, probably good enough for a solo career. And smart to the point of brilliance.

But we haven’t been able to have a coherent conversation for years, her thoughts have gotten too disorganized :pensive:

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Thank you for your post
So sad.

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My siblings, my brother and I all agree that he is the most intelligent and creative of the family, in spite of (or because of) his bipolar disorder. Unfortunately his drinking and elaborate expression of anosognosia makes him the least accomplished and successful in all aspects of life. It’s tragic and profoundly frustrating in light of my apparent recovery from SZA which is generally considered the more difficult disease.

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It is tragic
I keep thinking about how severe my and our other sister’s illnesses, sometimes thinking that she must be less unwell but she isn’t less unwell
I can’t be certain it’s schizophrenia without diagnosis but her drinking is way out of control and has been for at least 25 years.
I’m sorry to hear about your brother