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I periodically come in here and say the same things

My youngest sister has had we think first episode full blown psychosis for 6 years

she is 41
and lived at mums for the past 6 yrs

previous to that and before I found my husband I was living at mum’s for 5 years because i was psychotic schizophrenia or not coping on my own

previous to that my mum cared for our middle sister over the course of 12 years of medication not doing a thing to help her from ever worsening psychosis with no lucid full days

There was some cannabis for all of us
youngest sister is 2 - 3 months off cigarette’s and drink - not sure if she still smokes weed

but she has been psychotic for 6 years and was horrendously unwell with alcohol dependance and suicidal idiation
having had no peers or nurse - doctor - psychiatrist - friend - group etc
just me and mum and now all she has to do is say she is fine to a probation officer every few weeks

if this is not normal can someone please tell me
there are people with better family-luck? or would it just be cancer for all or extreme religious following or poverty

i talked with mum about this today
she needs to intervene and she has not because it loses ground with trust
she thinks she will see the moment when my sister becomes willing to listen
i’m not sure
she was a therapist my mum and she has helped 2 daughters to hospital numerous times
just worried if she is too old and messed up to know any more

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Hi Three, nice to see a post from you again. We’ve talked before.

No, what your family has experienced is not normal. Yes, some people have better family-luck. “Life is not fair” is the title of a thread on this site. I agree. The pain and pleasure of living aren’t evenly distributed, just like poverty and richness are out of balance.

I used to be jealous of the families of some of my co-workers who seem to have such “normal” lives with nothing that seems to curse their good luck. I’m not sure why some people have such lucky lives ALL of the time. And some people have such unlucky lives ALL of the time.

The key to me seems to be that old saying about “the glass is half full” (not half empty), … looking at the good things that are found in life. Trying to look for the positive helps to beat back the negative.

I hope you are having some good times in your life.

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my life on its own has been blessed with amazing luck
finding a husband,
money and meds
live somewhere nice
the timing to go into hospital in the right decade (there is no support any more really on NHS)
being the right age to get help when i needed it
after care was excellent
i’m compliant
luck basically on my side all the way
i think about this much more than bad luck stuff

But i worry chronically about my sister

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thank you for your words
every time we speak it feels you have so much to give
you are so very caring - its amazing of you

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Thank you, @three . You made me smile with your reply, and I am still smiling.

I was thinking earlier today of my “simple” life 45 years ago, when I was young, single, responsible only for myself and perhaps very stupid. My life revolved around myself only: what I wanted, where I was going, how I looked, etc. I cared very little for the feelings of others. I wasn’t particularly mean, but it didn’t matter to me what problems others were having.

As the years went by, relationships weren’t very kind to me, and I started needing help from others. Sometimes it was VERY hard to find help or care from others.

So now, I am sort of paying it forward, trying to help where I can, and finding that my life is better if I DO care about others, even strangers, if they could benefit from contact with me. I appreciate that you said you feel I have so much to give. Thank you too!

I am glad that you have found the good luck in your life. I hope that your sister somehow gains the help she needs. And that your mother finds the strength she needs to successfully help your sister. Your mom is right to be hopeful that your sister becomes willing to listen. I was hopeless right before events changed to get my daughter onto successful medication. It can happen for your sister, I hope it does soon.


Thank-you so much for this response.

It made me think.

I like this approach a lot

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