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Have medication made your loved one loose faith in God?

My son grew up in a Christian home. He’s been diagnosed for about 4 years, and He’s been on medication for about six months. It started with not wanting to go to church and no longer praying. Church was his thing. It was a place he felt safe and gave him comfort.
Today he said the Bible is just a book and he doesn’t think God exists. He said he has had blinders on his whole life and now he can see the truth. He said I guess you would call me an atheist.
He said he understands immoral behavior and it’s just that people haven’t figured things out yet.
He has made a complete 180 and it’s sad that he does not have that faith to comfort him anymore.

I’ve thought that a spiritual practice could be really useful. I keep telling my son that there has to be something bigger and more real than the voices. But no one can impose a spiritual belief on another, schizophrenic or not.

Jesus was the epitome of compassion and forgiveness, so I suggested to my son he might want to consider Jesus’ teaching in opposition to the voices which are always criticizing.

He’s well familiar with the Bible, I think, and could read it if he wanted to.