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Does your loved one think they are God?


Every since my daddy got ill 30 years ago, he thinks he is Jesus Christ or Righteous Lord Holy, which are his initials RLH. He sends everyone from TBN any and everything he can! :frowning: :frowning:


My son said he was the Son of man once and I corrected him but haven’t heard it for awhile. Your Dad just needs his meds adjusted I bet but in case you do live with the Almighty, ask him to help us all on this forum.:slightly_smiling_face:


@Daddysbaby My son never thought he was God, but he did at one time (before medication) think the president was watching him . My sister who is schizo affective and does not always adhere to her medicines- talks to Jesus all day long out loud and in public and she sends $20 a month to a TV televangelist when she often doesn’t have enough money for herself to live on. Everyone’s delusions are different and yet there are often underlying similarities.


We’re not religious, but my son has started saying things about praying - I think he must have picked it up in the hospital.

He knows who he is right now, but in the past he spent a few days saying he was an Indian chief, and a few more saying he was Biggie Smalls. He’s felt he was Kurt Cobain reincarnated.

Currently, he just knows a lot of famous people, including the President (sometimes Obama, sometimes Bill Clinton), various actors, etc.


You have got to have some interesting dinner table discussions. All I get to hear about is chemicals, extractions, and drugs. I wish I could find a lab where he could do legal and legitimate work that wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Right now, boring would be good, but the topics change here so fast, I can’t keep up.
His brain is definitely working overtime, even when his thoughts don’t seem to be racing.

You guys live in the country, and you garden, right?
Maybe let him try his hand at some simple hydroponics? For veggies or flowers, not pot.
He’d need to test the PH levels, measure the feed, you have to measure PPM (parts per million) on the nutrients and do some other things I don’t understand. You need to use a little chemistry I think.

You could even keep him busy reading how to do a cheap DIY setup.


I wanted to see if this was a common belief by patients. I am a very religious person as I know God has saved me for many reasons and made him my daddy to care for when nobody else will. My mother’s mom had schizophrenia as well and she would always talk about the communist and claim Mexicans stole her mail. I wish these televangelist knew who they were taking from, it’s sad he’d give his last dollar to Benny Hinn


My son believes he is “the One”. This persists, and he will be very angry with me because “you’re causing untold misery in the universe because you don’t believe me.” Then, some days he’s not so adamant. And then some days he says “I’m the Two”. For me, I try to avoid having logical discussions because they only frustrate both of us. This is a cruel disease that takes lots of patience from everyone.


Sorry I’ve been off site for awhile. My migraines had me down. Anyway my son does not believe he is God, but he does know God and is very in tune with the state of our world these days. He does, however, believe he is one of God’s warriors and it is his job to protect everyone from the demons he says are all around us. I’m a Christian and believe the Bible is God’s infallible word. And His words do say that in the end of days our young men will see visions:

Acts 2:16-18

So, I listen to my son and never correct him. Who am I to say what God could be doing with my son! And because of God’s word, I have comfort and hope!


Thank you for that word today. I think I needed the reminder.


When my son first became ill in November 2009 he believed he was Jesus Christ. He was so convincing he almost had me believing it at times :confused:


Yeah, my fiancé has thought that in the past. Fortunately for me I was able to talk him out of it. He kept saying he was God and something about the Blood God being angry. He’s been both a Christian and practitioner of Buddhism, but he doesn’t believe in any of that anymore and I’m so grateful because it’s a lot less to deal with. They can become obsessive about things, especially if its religion or certain practices. He hears at least 15 voices and there were some years where he had a split personality as well, but thankfully that’s gone too after I gave him a reality check. Don’t encourage or support their delusional beliefs or habits, I say this from experience. It backfired on me and it did not go well during that time. One day it’s “the cupcakes have to be blue because Oprah said so,” and then 6 months later “everything has to be blue and I have to drink the blue blood of blue blooded people to gain immortality.” This didn’t actually happen, I’m just giving an example. He did have a thing for drinking his own blood for a while though and has claimed to be immortal, he can’t imagine getting old or dying and is very scared of death. It’s concerning and sad to see someone you love going down a dark path and feeling or thinking in ways such as those. :frowning:


There’s something called “Thing 1” and “Thing 2.” The make shirts of it and various merchandises, it’s from “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss. Maybe that’s where he got that delusion from. :confused:


Mine thinks God gave him all knowledge in the universe. He thinks he is a God, I think.


This is way off the subject of “God” but along the lines of our loved ones thinking they are someone or something else…my sz son sometimes acts like a cat…I know that sounds ridiculous, but he only does it around me (at home) and I have always taken it as his form of humor because he will usually laugh or look like he is waiting on me to laugh…so I do…but he meows at odd times and makes other cat sounds…and I have tried to analyse it and I think it is sometimes a reaction to boredom or a desire to get a rise out of me…and he often talks about wanting a cat for a pet but I am not ready for a pet commitment yet…since the bulk of the care would be on me as with everything…I think because I have seen SO much odd (and much worse) behavior in the 11+ years I have cared for my son, ‘making cat sounds’ barely phased me…this thread made me think about it. Just wanted to share that.


@Catherine Oh, I’ve done that my whole life! It is something that I say when I’m bored or excited because I love cats. :slight_smile: The first emotional connection I had to a living being was my cat as a child. Many autistic people do this; though I don’t know if it’s correlated to SZ or SZD, but autism and schizophrenia are genetically linked, so maybe it’s a thing.


We have always had a cat - right now, it’s 2 solid white older kittens that my husband brought home from a feral colony. We’ve had them since June, but they were so tiny when I got them, I wasn’t sure they’d be able to eat on their own. However, eating has never been a problem for them.

Anyway, the cats always take to him and he likes them, most of the time. He’s also got a pet rat (white too), and the kittens love to climb up and look at the rat - so he discourages it.

He’s got this sudden thought that he can communicate telepathically with one of our dogs - our big, 125 lb male. Maybe he can, because he can certainly get that dog to do more than I can. He says the dog has a really clear mind.


I would base off the comments that each loved one with this disease suffers from the belief of being someone or someone is watching them because of the paranoia. Thank y’all