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Have you tried this?


I was wondering if any of you have made an appointment with a psychiatrist for yourself and asked your loved one with Sz (who refuses to seek help) to go with you for support? With the intention to show your loved one that it’s OK.
If so, did it help encourage them to go?


I never tried with my son. Sounds like it`s worth a try!


Unless you are truly making that appointment for yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it. Tempting I know however it could further destroy trust if he feels manipulated.


I wouldn’t like that if I were the one with sz. I’d feel manipulated as @BarbieBF said in an earlier post.

Rather, trying to encourage him/her to see a doctor about some of the “physical” problems s/he might be having would be a better way, for instance sleeping problems. S/he might want to do something about them as well, and then go further later on.


I think you misunderstood. I was meaning to ask him to come along for support while I talked to a doctor about my problems. Then he could see that it’s OK to talk to someone. Polish people have a weird mind set against psych doctors, like it’s wrong to talk to someone.
I don’t see how that could be viewed as manipulation.


Oh, I thought you wanted him to see a psychiatrist for his problems by telling him that you are seeing the psychiatrist for yourself.

Then it might help as he sees the way you talk to a psychiatrist, he might want to do the same.